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 China Delmar Bearing Co.Ltd is located in the beautiful East of China sea -No 2,Bei Yang 9 Road, Tou Men Port District ,lin Hai, Tai Zhou C ity,Zhejiang Province,covers an area of 6,0000 square meters.It is around 7 kms from the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway,10 kms far from the taizhou airport.It is close to the the biggest new seaport in Zheiang-Ton Men port.Very convenient in sea ,road and air transportation.  

The predecessor of Delmar of Delmar Company is Wen Ling JinFeng Bearing company ,and it transformed to Zhe Jiang YaKeEr Bearing Company in 2007.Since it is founded,We always follow the operation philosophy of being down to the earth ,honest ,trustworthy,pragmatical and innovation,follow the guide of getting the customers satisfied.In the purpose of get the leading technology and enhance the quality step by step.Our company has more than thirty years of experience in the bearing industry area,our hard work and efforts have got the trust from customers in both domestic and overseas .A new brand in bearing area (DRAM) is rising like a bright star.We are specialized in manufacturing high-precision,low noise bearing matched with motors,pumps,compressors,machine tools,automobiles ,motorcycles,air conditioners and chemical machinery,we can also manufacture all types of non-standard bearings.Our products reach above Z3/V3 standard through optimal design,sophisticated technology.advanced equipment,improved means of detection,strict quality assurance system.Delmar Bearing sell well in both domestic and overseas,Favored by both old new customer.

Delmar company has made some achievements under the guidance of good policy and the of leaders at all levels.Our company’s annual output value is leading in the industry,has got the honorary title “corporate integrity” in Taizhou.In order to get further development,improve employee ‘living and working environment ,our company invest large sums of money to built a garden-like plant,three-star standard employee dormitory,dust-free workshop,and purchase the most advanced automated production line equipment,testing equipment and so on,to ensure the quantity and quality of products from hardware to enable enterprises to be bigger and stronger.

Company philosophy : Strengthen the sense of company.created a team spirit ,your dedication today will get the company brilliant tomorrow ,our company has passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification and SGS( ROHS) detection .our company are in the purpose of “quality first ,customer first ,integrity -based,best service”,in the aim of sending customers zero defect products ,adhere to innovative ideas ,establish and improve the quality system ,believe the principle of “customer in my heart ,your satisfaction is our pursuit ” of the quality policy .we warmly welcome you to call or come to negotiate business.

Bearing origin

China is one of the countries in the world earlier invention of rolling bearings, in ancient China, the structure has long been documented on the axle bearings. And data from archaeological perspective, China's oldest modern rolling bearing structure bearing the prototype, and appeared in 221 BC - 207 BC(Qin) is now Shanxi Yongji County the Xue's Cliff Village. After the founding of New China, especially since the seventies of thelast century, under thestrong promotion of reform and opening up, the bearing industry has entered a new period of rapid development of high quality.

In the seventeenth century, the British design and manufacturing ballbearings C. Vallo, and installed in the car to try and British postal P.Wirth made ball bearings patent. Eighteenth century German publication on ball bearings HR Hertz contact stress papers. Onthe basis of the achievements of the Hertz, R. Striebeck Germany, Sweden,Glenn A. Pam, who have done a lot of testing, the design theory and the development of fatigue life of rolling bearings is calculated to make acontribution. Subsequently, the Russian Petrov NP Newton's law to calculate the viscous friction bearings. British Thor O. Renault were found mathematical analysis, Reynolds equation is derived, from the foundation hydrodynamic lubricationtheory.

The early form of linear motion bearings, placed in a row is a row of wooden skid plate under. This technique might be traced back to the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, although there is no clear evidence. Modern linear motion bearings using the same kind of works, but sometimes with the ball instead of rollers. The first sliding and rolling element bearings are made of wood. Ceramic,sapphire or glass are also used, steel, copper, other metals, plastics(such as nylon, bakelite, Teflon and UHMWPE) have been widely used.

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  • Quality has always been our supplier! Reliable, good quality products, strong development capabilities, timely service in place, it is our quality suppliers. Has been in his home goods, from quality to price, all people are satisfied.
  • Delmar company chairman and president of the American Bearing Association Mr. Haji Muhammad Shahzad Alam
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