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Planer Machine Parts and Functions

Planer Machine Parts

Planer Machine Parts and Functions – The planer machine is a machine used to trim the surface of the wood to produce flatness and subtlety. It has simple parts but is able to produce maximum performance. Basically the planer machine has two main parts. The engine is part of the drive and the drawstring. The two parts are connected by a specially designed vanbelt so as not to be separated when the drive engine is spinning.

The working system of this machine is located on the machinery components of the crabs them selves. That is the change of electrical energy into rotation. The round will move the drawstring moving according to the engine round. Through the friction of the eye is the wood can be eaten until flat.

This machine is widely used by wooden craftsmen. Because the usage is very easy and efficient. This planer machine has important parts that need to be known. Because if there is a problem with the planer machine, we can easily fix it. Well here are the parts of the planer machine and their respective functions

Planer Machine Parts And Functions

1. Power Cable

The power cable is a part that serves as a conduit of tension source in the drawstring machine. This crabs machine cable is very prone to break up because of the use of a drawstring machine that is always moving forward backward.

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2. Power Switch

This drawstring machine is equipped by a useful sacar to turn the engine on and off. So the use of this crab machine becomes more plastic.

3. Carbon Brush

This part serves as a conducsor of the voltage flow flowing from the stator to armature, in this section there is a pear that is useful to suppress the carbon brush to always stick to the armature.

4. Armature and Stator

These two sections are the main parts that play a very important role. Because both parts are producers of rounds on the crabs.

5. Puly

There are two puly found in the drawstring machine. The one is attached to the armature and the other is attached to the drawstring eye. Through this link puly can be twisted.

6. Van Belt

The drawstring machine has a van belt that has a small size. This Van belt serves to connect between the two puly in the drawstring machine.

7. Disk Planer

Planer disk are made of iron plates with a steel coating. That steel layer that is directly friction with wood. So that the wood that is rubbing with the shaved eyes will be easily irritable.

8. Knop Disk Planer Control

This drawstring knop serves to regulate the low height of the shaved eye in the erosion of wood. With this regulator knop we do not have to worry about the size of wood to be dragged.

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That’s planer machine parts and functions. Hopefully can be used as a useful insight.

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