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How To Fix the Hand Grinding Machine Problems

How To Fix Hand Grinding Machine Problems

How To Fix the Hand Grinding Machine Problems – Often we find a new hand grinding machine but already experiencing problems. As such, the hand grinding machine dies at the time of use or emit a flame on the carbon brush. Then how to solve it?

Well, below there are some explanations on how to solve problems on hand grinding machines that are experiencing damage. Please read to add a little insight and knowledge of the hand grinding machine. So, if at any time we have problems about hand grinding machines, we can immediately repair the hand grinding machine. Immediately, we discuss what problems occur in the grinding machine and how to overcome them.

How To Fix the Hand Grinding Machine Problems

1. Drag/Hang Round

If your hands are experiencing things like drag or hang, it can be certain that the hand grinding machine is having trouble with the bearing. It is usually marked by a fast hot grinding machine. If there are any problematic bearings (drag, Coclak, loss), immediately replace the new one. And do not forget when you want to replace the bearing, make sure the bearing number must be replaced with bearing number.

2. Can’t Live/Die

If the hand grinding machine arrives dead at the time of use, surely it is very disturbing your work is not it? If you experience such a thing, just check the carbon brush. If the carbon brush is already exhausted, immediately menggganti carbon brush with the new one. But if the carbon brush has been replaced but the hand grinding machine is still not able to live, then take a multitester to check the parts of the grinding machine, such as cables, switches, and stator. If any of these parts are not connected, then replace one of the unconnected sections with a new one.

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3. Rough Sound

For this one problem, there are several possibilities that are the cause. The first cause is the connecting gear that is already worn or falling, resulting in a slightly noisy sound. The handle is to replace the damaged connecting gear with the new connecting gear. The second cause is koclak bearing, so the rotation is not balanced and irregular. If there is a koclak or broken bearing, immediately replace the new bearing.

4. Smell of Smoke Out

The problem of the smell of gosong/smoke out in this hand grinding machine is caused by the presence of friction between armature and stator. Such friction can occur due to the influence of unbalanced armature rounds. If experiencing this kind of thing, immediately turn off the hand grinding machine. Because if the hand grinding machine that has smelled burnt or out of smoke, usually armature and his stators have leakage. And the best solution of this problem is to buy a new grinding machine. Because the cost of replacing both parts is almost the same as buying new hand grinding machines.

5. Electrocute

This problem occurs due to the presence of a cord that is peeling and touches the frame of the machine, so that when the hand grinding machine is turned on the electrocute. To solve this problem is to check all the cable channels on the hand grinding machine. If you find a cord that is peeling, then immediately to close it using sticky tape.

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Such a discussion on causes and how to fix the grinding machine problem. Hopefully useful.

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