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How To Adjust The Gap Of Diesel Engine Valve

How To Adjust The Gap Of Diesel Engine Valve

How To Adjust The Gap Of Diesel Engine Valve – This post will talk about how to set a valve on a diesel engine. For those who want to know how to adjust the diesel engine valve, please refer to this article until it is finished.

Diesel engine is a solar fuel drive engine. This machine utilizes high compression pressure to perform combustion. Therefore, the adjustment of the valve must be really appropriate to obtain the perfect combustion.

As the components are always faced with high heat temperature and compression pressure, it does not close the possibility if the valve is worn, causing the gap spacing to widen. As a result of this, diesel engines become less powerful and sound noisy.

If the cleft gap has widened, it is necessary to perform the adjustment of the valve so that the diesel engine performance becomes normal again. And here are the steps in adjusting the diesel engine valve.

How To Adjust The Gap Of Diesel Engine Valve

Before you set the valve on the diesel engine, the first thing to understand is to know the top position of the diesel engine. Because, if the diesel engine is not in the top position, then the gap spacing adjustment can not be done.

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To know the top point of diesel engine, can see the mark 0 that is on the wheel of the drum is above. Or by looking at the piston position right at the top deat centre. And after finding the top position, then make adjustments with the following guidelines:

  • Remove the bonet cover, by removing the screw nut first, then pull the cover cap without damaging the package packing
  • Use the appropriate wrenches or rings to loosen the counterscrew bolts. Then do the valve adjustment with the min (-) screwdriver and use the fuller gauge to adjust the spacing between the valve and rocker arm
  • Arrange the spacing by size between 0,15 mm to 0,25 mm
  • After the distance is right on the size, tighten back the setting lock nut
  • After that, close the Kembbali cover the jacket and tighten it with the bolt of the lock. Finished

Such is the discussion on how to adjust the gap of diesel engine valve. To make the diesel engine has the maximum power, do the adjustment properly. Hopefully useful.

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