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How To Use Hand Grinding Machine

Hand Grinding Machine

How To Use Hand Grinding Machine – The use of a grinding machine is very helpful job. Besides the work becomes easier, using a hand grinding machine can also abbreviate time. For that, it is important for us to know how to use the correct hand grinding machine.

Hand grinding machines are widely used in the crafting and industrial world. This tool is usually used to cut or flatten raw materials in the process of making finished or semi-finished goods. By using this machine, the work will also become lighter.

For those who do not know how to use this hand grinding machine, we recommend that you check out the following reviews. Because there are some things to be aware of when going to use a hand grinding machine.

Before using the hand grinding machine, make sure if the grinding machine is under normal condition. So, when using it does not occur-the unwanted problem.

And we must also pay attention to the materials and processes to be grindable. Because this hand grinding machine has various grinding disk that function differently. And among the types of grinding disk, among others:

Cut Iron Grinder Disk

This type of grinding disk serve to cut the material/workpiece that is hard (metal). Such as iron, steel, and stainless.

Wood Cutter Grinder Disk

This wood cutter grinding disk is used for cutting wood material. The type of wood grinding disk has a circle-shaped characteristic and the edges have a chainsaw with a steel point tip.

Ceramic Cutting Grinder Disk

Ceramic cut grinders have a steel coating that surrounds the edges of its circle. And at the edges there are gaps that serve as a place of air circulation.

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Sharpen Grinder Disk

Sharpen grinder disk is a type of grinding disk  used to flatten and scrape the surface of the workpiece. These grinding disk are often used also to remove the remaining crust of welding so that the iron surface becomes flat.

Flexible Grinder Disk

Flexible grinding disk  have elastic properties, so the resulting cut line will be slightly widened. This flexible grinding disk is used to scrape the area of the workpiece which is located narrow and not reachable by other types of grinding disk.

Wire Grinder Disk

Wire grinding is a type of grinding disk that serves to remove impurities or corrosion attached to the surface of the workpiece. However, it can also be used to darken the iron or steel surface.

Wood Sandpaper Grinder Disk

Wood sandpaper grinding is a grinding disk used to smooth the wood. These grinding disk have different levels of smoothness. Therefore, select the hallucination level for the result as desired.

Wall Sand Grinder Disk

The wall sanding disk is special function to flatten the surface of the wall. In addition, these grinding disk can also be used to erode the surface of the granite/marble to produce a flat surface and shape the material as desired.

Polishing Pad Grinder Disk

This grinding disk is made from the folds of fabric that surrounds the disk circle of grinders. These grinding disks are used to soften and darken the surfaces of paint-coated objects.

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How To Use Hand Grinding Machine

After knowing the types of grinding disk, make sure please when grinding using the right grinding stones. Due to the use of wrong grinding disk, it can harm the safety of work. And the steps of using the hand grinding machine are as follows:

  • Wear protective glasses and gloves as safety.
  • Attach the protective grinding machine.
  • We can also rotate and steer the protector as desired.
  • Install the grinding disk that fit the job.
  • To put up the grinding disk, make sure the holes have a flashlight with as grinding.
  • Plug the power cord into the power source.
  • Before you plug the cable, make sure the switch is off.
  • Then turn on the hand grinding machine by pressing the switch to the on position.
  • Navigate the grinding disk to the workpiece.
  • Then hold the grinding machine with both hands tightly.
  • Follow the cutting flow without any emphasis and try the straight grinding disk movements.
  • After finishing using it, turn off the grinding machine and unplug the power cord.
  • Then clean the dirt attached to the grinding machine.

Such is the discussion on how to use hand grinding machines. Follow the procedure according to the instructions in order not to happen the unwanted things. Hopefully useful.

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