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Difference Camshaft And Crankshaft

Difference Camshaft And Crankshaft

Difference Camshaft And Crankshaft – Camshaft and crankshaft is an important component of a motor burn. The difference between the two components lies in its function. However, camshafts and crankshaft are interconnected in conducting a business cycle (combustion) on the machine.

The rotation ratio between the camshaft and crankshaft of the 4-stroke motor is a two-letter. If the camshaft rotates once full rotation, the crankshaft rotates twice. In the 2-stroke motor, the comparison is one-to-one. Where one full rotation of camshaft is equal to one round of crankshaft.

To learn more about the differences between camshafts and crankshaft, you should first understand the understanding and function of both components. So it is not wrong in mentioning between camshaft and crankshaft.

Difference Camshaft And Crankshaft

What Is Camshaft?

The camshaft is a rotating engine, functioning to control the movement of the inlet and outlet valves. However, on diesel engines, the camshaft also acts as a step-by-end injection pump to suppress fuel.

The camshaft is made of cast iron that has an elevator on its trunk. The protrusions serve as timing valve steps. That is why the inlet valve can open when the outlet valve is closed or vice versa. And there is one point where both valves will close simultaneously.

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On petrol engines, camshafts and crankshafts are usually connected by timing chains or vanbelts. The diesel engine, between the camshaft and crankshaft, is connected by a timing gear that interlocking between the two.

What Is Crankshaft ?

The crankshaft or crank shaft or the axle is the main shaft connected to the connection rod. The function of the crankshaft is to turn the piston up-down movement into engine rotation. The rotation is later which will move the other parts, such as camshaft, balancer, oil pump, and flywheel.

Crankshaft is made of cast iron that has parts such as:

  • Crank pin, is a place to strengthen the connection road. On a diesel engine, the crank pin is a direct friction with the road metal
  • Crank journaling, is a part that attaches to the wall of the crankcase (block machine), usually equipped with the main bearing in both cases
  • The crank arm, is a liaison part between the crank pin and the crank journal
  • The balancer weight, a pair of loads that serves as a counterbalance when the crankshaft rotates
  • Oil holes, on certain machines, the crankshaft has an oil hole that acts as a crank pin lubricating oil line

This is a discussion about the difference camshaft and crankshaft. After reading the explanation above, it is certainly no longer mistaken to distinguish the camshaft and which one is the crakshaft. Hopefully useful.

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