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Cylinder Head Functions In Machine

Cylinder Head Functions In Machine

Cylinder Head Functions In Machine – Cylinder head is a machine component formed from several other components. On the machine, the cylinder head serves as the combustion chamber. Therefore, these head cylinders are made of strong material against high pressure and temperature.

This head cylinder is right in front of the cylinder block. Because this component also serves as a compression pressure holder generated by the cylinder block and its curvature. So as if this head cylinder continues to withstand high pressure compression.

This cylinder head function is very important on the machine. Because, if the cylinder head is damaged, it may cause the machine to not be turned on. The role of the head cylinder is also strongly influenced by the existing components. The completeness parts of the head cylinder are as follows.

  • Valves (valve in and valve ex), it is a part that serves to open and close the compression chamber
  • Valve Sitting, it is the place where the head of the valves
  • Bosh Valve, that is the place as the movement of the valve
  • Valve Spring, it is a valve holder to avoid disengaged
  • Retainer, is a lock between the valve and valve spring
  • Valve Seal. the circulation of the engine oil is not allowed to enter the fuel chamber
  • Head Gasket. is a wall separator between cylinder head with cylinder block
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Cylinder Head Functions In Machine

After knowing the parts of the head cylinder. We also need to know what the function of the head cylinder is. And here are some cylinder head functions

  • As a combustion chamber (step effort)
  • As a suction mechanism and exhaust step
  • Cooling cylinder block. Place of water circulation in diesel engine, and air circulation in gasoline engine)
  • Spark plug holder (petrol engine) and injector (diesel engine)
  • Intake Pipe Mount Place (suction saluaran) and Exhaue pipe (exhaust line)

Such is the review of the cylinder head parts and the cylinder head function in machine. Hopefully useful.

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