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How To Fix Vibrating Hand Grinding Machine

How To Fix Vibrating Hand Grinding Machine

How To Fix Vibrating Hand Grinding Machine – The troubled hand grinding machine, it is very annoying when used to work. One of the problems with the frequent hand grinding machines is that the machine vibrates larger, resulting in a sore and fast fatigue at the time of grinding.

If the hand grinding machine that we have vibrates loudly, we recommend stop grinding and immediately make repairs. If left alone, the likelihood of vibration will become increasingly bigger and cause more serious problems.

For that, we have to do the disassembly of the hand grinding machine and look for the cause. By knowing the cause, it will easily overcome the vibrations that occur on the grinding machine.

Causes And How To Fix Vibrating Hand Grinding Machine

The problem of vibrating hand grinding machine is usually caused by an unbalanced engine rotation. Such an imbalance can be caused by some components that suffer damage. Among the damage components that become the cause of the vibrating grinding machine are :

1. Bearing Damage

In general, the hand grinding machine has 3 bearings. The bearings are the focal point of the shaft of the hand grinding machine. If one of the Bering is Koclak, then the rotation of the shaft will spin the irregular that resulted in the vibration of the hand grinding machine.

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To solve this problem, check each bearing by shaking all bearings on the hand grinding machine. If there is a koclak bearing, change the bearing according to the number.

2. Loose Bearing Mounting

The loosening of the bearing house is usually caused by a drag bearing. So that the bearing is not able to function properly and scrape the bearing house which then becomes loose. If the bearing house becomes loose, the axle rotation of the hand grinding machine will sway and produce a large vibration.

This problem can be solved by giving a circular (Sopak) in the bearing house so that the bearing position is not rocking. The Ganjal should be made of thin steel plates so that they do not easily erode.

3. Armature Fan is Not Aligned

The cause of the hand grinding machine vibrates the other that the armature fan is not aligned. However, this cause only occurs on armature who has a fan made of plates. Not the same armature fan is usually because the position of the fan propeller is bent, thus causing the armature rounds to become unbalanced.

To overcome this problem, it is quite to align the propeller position of the armature fans with the use of pliers. Make sure the tilt position of the armature fan propeller is equal and aligned before re-installing.

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These are some of the causes and how to fix vibrating hand grinding machines. If you experience these problems, please check the sections mentioned above. Hopefully useful.

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