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Power Tools Service Guide

Power Tools Service Guide

Power Tools Service Guide – As a tool that uses energy other than human power, the usefulness of power tools is very easy in every job. In addition, working using power tools also saves time and effort. Therefore, it is important that we regularly perform regular service in the maintenance efforts of the equipment. And it will be discussed in this review about what it needs to do on power tools services.

Basically, power tools service is a maintenance effort and replacement of some components that are not functioning properly. It aims to maintain the performance of power tools to stay awake and durable. In addition, these improvements were made to prevent fatal damage resulting in the power tools could not be used anymore.

Based on the damage level, power tools service is divided into two, namely lightweight service and heavy service. The types of lightweight services include cleaning, carbon brush replacement, and replacement of cables or hoses. Meanwhile, the heavy service includes the replacement of the Laher, gear replacement, the replacement of the Mooran, and so forth.

Power Tools Service Guide

Power tools have various types according to their functions. And of course we know that power tools have a variety of brands such as Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Modern, Maktec, and so forth.

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Therefore, the most important thing in replacement parts/Spare part is not to be confused between the brand of products that one with the other. Because each power tools product has different parts.

And the following is a general guide that can be applied in performing power tools services both daily maintenance and regular routine maintenance.

  • Cleanse the outer parts of the power tools with a wipe or brush of the remaining dirt attached. Better yet if sprayed with compressed wind (compressor)
  • Check the carbon brush periodically on power tools that use electrical power. If the carbon brush is depleted then the machine cannot be operated
  • Cable checking is also required at all times. The peeling cable can cause electrical short circuit and dead machine
  • Regular hose check on wind-powered power tools. Leakage in the hose can cause power tools performance to be less maximum
  • For wind or hydraulic powered power tools, check gasket and seal conditions periodically. Make sure everything is in good condition. If there is any gasket or seal that is damaged/worn/wrinkle, do replacement of the component
  • Make sure the lubrication system is running properly, use the proper grease or fiber for the friction between the components can be terminalizing
  • Bearing checks must also be done routinely. If the condition is dry, wipe with diesel and grease with oil. However, if it is stuck or damaged, we recommend replacing it with a new one
  • Gear and Gear boxes are also important components in power tools. For that, do check periodically. If the friction between the gears is rough, we recommend replacing it with a new one
  • The Motoran checks are also very important. The already malfunctioning motoran is usually characterized by decreased engine rotation or the emergence of brebet sounds if power tools are used. Replace the Motoran with a new one if the condition is damaged or burned
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These are some of the things that the power tools service guide can do to stay durable and comfortable when used and to keep the machine performing maximum. Hopefully this discussion is useful.

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