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Causes Of White Diesel Engine Oil

Caused Of White Diesel Engine Oil

Causes Of White Diesel Engine Oil – This article will talk about the causes of white engine oil. This usually happens in diesel engines. What are the factors that make up the problem? And how to solve it? Please see the following description until it is finished.

The discoloration of the engine oil will generally turn deep black after a certain period of time. It is caused by the hot temperature that occurs inside the machine. So, what if the engine oil turns white?

Engine oil is a special liquid that serves as a friction slicker between moving engine components. In addition, engine oil can also be used as a coolant, cleaner, and vibration reducer.

The reason engine oil turns white is that engine oil mixes with water. This is due to damage to some engine components resulting in radiator water flowing into the oil chamber. So the water will mix with the oil and the color will turn white.

Damage to engine components affecting engine oil turning white is usually caused by less engine oil capacity. Thus resulting in the machine quickly heats up and damages the parts on the machine, especially non-metallic components.

If the engine oil problem turns white, it is necessary to make repairs to the damaged components immediately. Because if left alone, it will result in the performance of the machine decreasing. It can even cause severe damage to the engine.

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Causes And How To Fix Of White Diesel Engine Oil

Here are some of the causes of diesel engine oil turning white and how to fix it.

1. Broken Boring Rubber

Boring rubber on diesel engines is a barrier between the cooling water chamber and the engine oil chamber. Because the material is made of rubber, it does not close the possibility if the boring rubber will be damaged for a long time. Moreover, it is located near the combustion chamber, logically also materials made of rubber if exposed to high temperatures will definitely melt.

If the boring rubber has melted, then the barrier between the cooling water room and the engine oil chamber will also leak. So it will cause cooling water to enter the engine oil chamber and result in the engine oil turning white. How to solve this problem is to replace boring rubber with a new one.

2. Broken Packing Head

Packing head is the part that connects between the engine body and the head cylinder. While the cooling water is heading to the head cylinder, it will automatically pass through the hole in the packing head. However, if the packing head is damaged, the cooling water will seep into the burn chamber and flow into the engine oil chamber.

And eventually the cooling water will be mixed with engine oil. Meanwhile, the damage to the packing head itself can be caused by saggy head cylinder bolts or due to the influence of compression pressure and engine vibration. How to solve this problem is with the replacement of the new packing head.

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3. Cracked Head Cylinder

Another thing that causes diesel engine oil to turn white is that the head cylinder is cracked or may rupture. In diesel engines, in addition to klep mounts, head cylinders also have room for cooling water circulation.

If the head cylinder is fractured or ruptured, the cooling water will flow through the cracked part and into the engine oil circulation line contained on the head cylinder as well. And eventually cooling water will flow into the engine oil chamber and mix with engine oil. So the engine oil will turn white. To solve a problem like this we have to close the cracked part by welding. But if after welding there is still a leak, mala the last step to be done is to replace the new head cylinder.

Such is the review of the cause of white diesel engine oil and how to fix it. Hopefully it is useful and can be used as a solution for those experiencing white engine oil problems.

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