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How to Adjust Timing Gear on Diesel Engine

How to Adjust Timing Gear Diesel Engine

How to Adjust Timing Gear on Diesel Engine – Although timing gear changes on diesel engines are rare, it is important that we know how to install and adjust those timing gears. So that at any time our diesel engine has suffered damage to the timing gears, we can install them ourselves without having to be taken to a diesel service workshop.

Timing gear damage to diesel engines usually occurs in aged diesel engines. But it can also be caused by a lack of lubricating oil capacity, resulting in friction between timing gears becoming large and long eroded.

Timing gear installation and adjustment should be done correctly. So that there is no error that causes the diesel engine to not be turned on. The purpose of timing gear adjustment is as follows:

Unite and adjust the rotating motion between crankshaft gears, camshafts, balancer gears and starting gears.

Adjust the movement of all moving engine components, such as pistons, inlet klep and outlets, oil pumps that are the main parts of how diesel motors work.

How to Install and Adjust Timing Gear On Diesel Engines

The following is a description of the general guidelines for the installation or adjustment of timing gears on diesel engines that can be applied in changing the timing gears on any brand of diesel engine.

  • Remove all timing gears attached to the diesel engine. We can use a special tracker to remove it.
  • Install the crankshaft gear first as the main base of other gear adjustments.
  • Rotate the crankshaft with the aim of determining the top point. Where the piston position on the cylinder liner is right at the top dead point. Meanwhile, the state of klep inlet and outlet is tightly closed.
  • Install camshaft gears. For easy installation, rotate the crankshaft until the piston position is at the bottom dead point. This aims to put the camshaft in a loose position (without pressing the fuel pump).
  • Install the balancer gear. In the installation of these balancer gears it is necessary to adjust the crankshaft rotation to make it easier to unify the dots or numbers that are on the gears.
  • Installation of the starting gear can be done freely without having to adjust the marks on the gears. Because the function of the starting gear is only to rotate the crankshaft.
  • Installation of timing gears on diesel engines which include crankshaft gears, camshaft gears, balancer gears and starting gears need to be done simultaneously according to their respective relationships.
  • In the installation and adjustment of timing gears on diesel engines should pay attention to the signs on each gear. Where the marks (points or numbers) must meet each other.
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Gear adjustment on diesel engines is very important. Therefore, do it properly and do not let there be any dots or numbers that do not meet in each gear relationship. Such is the discussion about how to adjust timing gear diesel engine. May this article be useful.

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