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Compressor Engine Components And Functions

Compressor Engine Components And Functions

Compressor Engine Components And Functions – This post will discuss the components in the wind compressor engine and its functions. In general, the compressor engine consists of two main parts, namely the drive engine and compressor tube. For more details, keep an in-house look at this article until it’s finished.

Compressor machines are machines that have special parts used to store air in the most indeted capacity. The air pressure in compressor engines is bar or kgf/cm2 or psi. The unit figures can be seen from the compressor engine part called pressure gauge.

The use of compressor engines is very helpful in terms of work. Some examples of compressor engine functions are to fill the vehicle’s wheel wind, painting, hydraulic pumping and other work that requires air pressure.

The way the compressor engine itself works is air suction done by the suction valve part inside the compressor blower. The sucked wind will be flowed to the compressor tube. As for its use, it is enough to open the wind faucet to drain the air stored in the compressor tube.

Basically, the wind compressor engine has simple parts. It is in the form of drive engine components and suction blower components. For more details, read the following review of the parts of the wind compressor engine and its functions.

Compressor Engine Components And Their Functions

The importance of knowing compressor engine components is that it makes it easier for us to repair compressor engines when they are damaged, such as compressor engines not filling up the wind. So by knowing the components in the compressor engine, we can easily find out where the problem occurred and immediately fix it. And here are the parts found in the compressor engine.

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1. Compressor Drive Engine

Based on the driving engine, this compressor engine is distinguished into two, namely the compressor engine that has the drive of the gasoline engine or diesel engine and the compressor engine driven by the electromotor (dynamo). The function of the drive engine is to rotate the compressor blower.

2. Blower

Blower is a compressor engine part that serves to suck air and drain it into compressor tubes. This type of compressor blower is very diverse. Some are fused with the drive engine and some are separate. However, this blower basically consists of a series of block cylinders, pistons, and kleeps that cooperate in the wind-sucking process.

3. Wind Tube

Wind tubes are a major part of compressor machines. This wind tube serves to accommodate air pressure in a predetermined amount of capacity. The capacity of air pressure in this wind tube is strongly influenced by the size of the wind tube. And the maximum capacity of air pressure that can be stored on this compressor tube is usually written on the wall of the wind tube.

4. Drain Valve

Drain valve or exhaust is a compressor engine part that serves to dispose of water contained in the wind tube. The air stored in the wind tube for a certain period of time will become moist and produce water. Therefore, to dispose of the water, use a drain valve that is usually located under the compressor tube.

5. Ball Valve

For this one part must have clearly functioned. The function of the wind faucet is to release the wind pressure stored in the wind tube. It is with this wind faucet that we can set (open/close) when the wind will be removed from the compressor tube.

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6. Automatic Compressor

For this one part, it is only owned by compressors with electromotor drive engines (dynamos). The function of this automatic compressor is to disconnect the electric current in the electromotor when the air tube has fulfilled its capacity. So that when the wind tube is fully charged, automatically the electromotor will stop.

7. Pressure Gauge

The air pressure indicator on the compressor engine serves to know how much air pressure is stored in the compressor tube. This indoctrinator is a needle that will move according to the wind pressure stored in the compressor tube.

8. Safety Valve

The next compressor engine part is the safety valve. Safety valve in compressor engine serves as safety. This safety valve will sound when the compressor tube is fully filled with air.

9. One Way

Chek valve is a compressor engine part that serves to close the charging line so that the wind does not come out again after the wind enters the compressor tube. This check valve can be located between the filling pipe and compressor tube.

Such is the review of compressor engine components and functions. Hopefully it can add useful insights.

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