Bosch Pump Diesel Engine Parts and Functions

Bosch Pump Parts of Name

Bosch Pump Diesel Engine Parts and Functions – Bosch pump is a diesel engine part that serves to suppress diesel fuel which is then forwarded to the injector to be fogged and sent to the combustion chamber.

To fulfill its function, bosch pump has important parts to do its work. And here are the parts inside the bosch pump diesel drive engine and its functions. Below is a schematic image of parts bosch pump diesel engine and its functions.

Bosch Pump Diesel Engine Parts and Functions

  • Delivery Valve Holder

Delivery valve holder is part of bosch pump located at the very end. It functions as an exit and for the connecting point of the pipeline (HPP) that leads to the injector.

  • Spring Delivery Valve

Spring delivery valve is part of bosch pump in the form of pear spring used to control the opening of the delivery valve cap. This spring is located inside the delivery valve holder.

  • Delivery Valve Ring

Delivery valve ring is a part of bosch pump in the form of copper ring that serves to prevent leakage between the distance of delivery valve and plunger.

  • Delivery Valve

Delivery Valve is a part of bosch pump in the form of doors (valves) that can open and close by the pressure of fuel pumped by plungers. Its function is to regulate the capacity of materials coming out of bosch pump.

  • Control Rack
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The next part of bosch pump is the control rack. This control rack serves to drive the gear pinion that serves to regulate the diesel fuel that enters the bosch pump.

  • Control Slever/Gear Pinion

Control slever or gear pinion is part of bosch pump that serves as a plunger lever seat. The plunger lever will rotate to the right and left controlled by the control rack to regulate the number of fuel that will be pumped by the plunger.

  • Plunger

Plunger is the core of bosch pump. Pulnger is in charge of pumping (making pressure) so that the diesel fuel coming out of bosch pump in the form of high pressure diesel flow that can reach 2000 bar.

  • Spring Plunger

The next part of Bosch Pump is spring plunger. Spring plunger is a spring that serves to return the plunger lever to its original position after pumping.

  • Tappet

And the last part of bosch pump is tappet. It is this tappet that rubs directly with the cam shaft and moves the plunger lever back and forth to put emphasis on fuel.

That’s an explanation of the bosch pump diesel engine parts and functions. Hopefully useful.

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