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Causes Of Diesel Engines Can’t Be Turned Off

Caused Of Diesel Engine Cant Be Turn Off

Causes Of Diesel Engines Can’t Be Turned Off – The users of diesel engines must have experienced this kind of thing, which when going to stop the engine, but the engine can not be turned off. Of course this problem will cause panic, and ultimately choose a shortcut to turn it off, such as pressing the choke or closing the solar faucet. By looking at such problems, the following will be discussed the causes of diesel engines that can not die.

If the problem of diesel engines that can not die is left alone, then it can cause damage to other components. And of course we have to take the courage to make a decision to fix it. Because if not repaired immediately, it will result in more serious damage to the diesel engine.

As a first step, before making repairs to diesel engines that can not be turned off, we must know exactly what is the cause of the problem. Therefore, take a look at the following discussions on some causes and how to fix diesel engines that cannot be turned off.

Causes Of Diesel Engines Can’t Be Turned Off

There are several factors that cause diesel engines can not die, including the following:

1. Bosh Pump Jammed

The first causes of diesel engines can not be turned off is bosh pump jammed. This is usually caused by engine oil that clots inside the bosh pump. So that causes the control sleeve can not move freely.

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If you find something like this, to overcome it is by dismantling all the components in the bosh pump and washing it with diesel or gasoline until it is completely clean from the oil blob.

2. Wear Gear Pinion

Pinion gear is a component in bosh pump that is tasked to move the plunger lever. If the bosh pump is jammed and we continue to move the gas lever, it will cause the pinion gear to wear out. As a result the plunger is unable to move, and this can cause the engine to be unable to turn off.

To check the pinion gear, we have to unload the bosh pump. And if you encounter the condition of the wear-out gear pinion, then replace it with a new one.

3. Governor Arm Off

The next causes of diesel engines can not be turned off is the control sleeve regardless of the governoor arm. Control sleeve is a part that serves as a regulator of a lot of at least the fuel that goes into the plunger. If the lever is removed from the governoor arm, then there are two possibilities, namely between the engine can not be gassed and the engine can not be turned off.

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Therefore, if the diesel engine cannot be turned off, check that the sleeve control position is connected to the governoor arm. If it is detached, then immediately to reconnect right in the middle of the governoor arm gap.

4. Adjuster Governor Changed

Although changes to the governoor adjuster bolts are rare, it doesn’t occur to check them when a diesel engine has problems not being turned off. Due to the shift of the adjuster bolts can be the cause of diesel engines can not be turned off.

Diesel engines are engines that produce large enough vibrations, so it does not close the possibility if the governoor adjuster bolts loosen due to vibrations. If the adjuster bolt has shifted, then set it back to its normal state.

Such is the discussion about causes of diesel engines can’t be turned off and how to fix with them. Hopefully useful.

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