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Diesel Engines Lubrication System

Diesel Engines Lubrication System

Diesel Engines Lubrication System – Each engine has a different lubrication system. Some use a dredging rod system and some apply an oil pumping system. The purpose of the lubrication system in the engine is so that the lubricating oil can spread throughout the moving components of the engine, so that friction between the components of the engine can be neutralized.

For diesel engines, the lubrication system used on average uses an oil pump system. Where the oil pump will suck the lubricating oil inside the crankshaft, then channeled through the cracks to all parts of the engine, such as crankshafts, rocker arm, and gears.

After passing through all the engine parts, the oil will return to the crankshaft, and so on as long as the engine is alive. For more details, the following will be described about the lubrication flow of lubrication oil in diesel engines starting from the crank tub to back into the crank tub.

Lubrication System In Diesel Engines

Basically, lubrication system is a turnaround of lubricating oil in lubricating the entire inside of a moving machine. The steps to travel lubricating oil in diesel engines are as follows:

  • When the diesel engine is turned on, the flywhell spin will move the oil pump.
  • The oil pump will start spinning and sucking the lubricating oil money is in the crank tub.
  • Before the lubricating oil enters the oil pump, it will be filtered first on the strainer (oil filter).
  • So that the lubricating oil that enters the oil pump is a clean lubricating oil and free from dirt.
  • Once inside the oil pump, the lubricating oil becomes high pressure and exits through the exit hole in the oil pump.
  • Lubricating oil coming out of the oil pump will enter small channel cracks to lubricate moving engine parts (crankshaft, cylinder liner, connection road, piston, rocker arm, etc.).
  • Lubricating oil will also be flowed to the oil indicator for controlled movement.
  • After passing through the indicators and engine parts, the lubricating oil will flow back into the crank crank tub. And so it goes on.
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Well, that’s the diesel engines lubrication system. That way, it is very important for us to pay attention to the hygiene conditions of strainers or oil filters. Because it is this component that filters the lubricating oil to always be clean and avoid dirt that can interfere with the performance of the oil pump. Hopefully useful.

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