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How To Use Electric Drill Machine

How To Use Elecrtic Drill Machine

How To Use Electric Drill Machine – In the world of carpentry, a drill machine is a type of power tool used to make holes. Using this tool is very easy, but we still have to follow the correct usage procedures to avoid unwanted things.

The drill machine itself has several types, among which are most commonly found, namely hand drill machines and sitting drill machines. Although the way it is used is slightly different, but basically has the same principle of work, which is to utilize electrical energy to create a loop to perforate objects.

When going to use a drill machine to make holes in an object, the first mandatory thing to know is the parts of the drill machine. In addition, we must also pay attention to the important things so that the drill machine can be used safely. And here is a discussion on how to use an electric drill machine.

How To Use Electric Drill Machine

In using drill machines, we must follow the guidelines according to the factory standards that have been set. That way, we can use it correctly and safely. And here are the steps in using the correct electric drill machine.

  • Before using the drill machine, check the condition of the machine first whether it is feasible or not
  • Make sure the drill machine can rotate smoothly and chuck the drill normally (it can open and close), making it safe to use
  • Check the electrical voltage to be used whether appropriate and able to run the drill machine
  • Use drill bits according to their function. There are many types of drill bits, choose a drill bit according to the material that the hole will make
  • Open the drill chuck and attach the drill bit to the drill chuck properly, then tighten it with the chuck key by rotating clockwise
  • Use the penitic to make a mark on the object type of money metal will be made holes. This is so that the drill bit does not miss the part that the hole makes
  • If using a sitting drill machine, adjust the engine rpm according to the usage table. Whereas when using a hand drill, we can adjust the rotation with a dimmer
  • When making holes in small objects, make sure they are firmly pinched. On a sitting drill machine, we can use clamp to lock the work object
  • Point the drill bit directly at the part of the object that has previously been tipped. Then turn on the drill machine and pay attention to the position of the drill bit to always be perpendicular to objects
  • For hard objects, we can use coolant to reduce heat due to friction of drill bits with objects
  • When finished using the drill machine, turn off the machine and remove the drill bit from the chuck by rotating using the chuck key in the opposite direction to the clockwise
  • Clean the engine and drill bits from the remaining drilling dirt, then store them in a dry, safe place
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Safe Tips Using Electric Drill Machine

When making holes using drill machines, we must also pay attention to work safety. It aims to maintain safety and prevent work accidents. And here is a tip to do when using a drill machine.

  • Wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) correctly, such as glasses, gloves, masks, ear protectors, work caps and so on
  • It is not recommended to wear hanging body accessories and clothes that are too loose. This is important to avoid getting caught from the engine spin
  • Avoid cable lines from puddles. It aims to avoid the effects of electrocution when turning on the drill machine
  • Try the distance between the drill machine and the power source as close as possible so that the cable is not in an interested position
  • Avoid using unworthy drill bits, such as bent or blunt. This aims to prevent the occurrence of broken drill bits when doing the drilling process

For an explanation on how to use a electric drill machine. Hopefully useful.

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