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Correct Power Tools Maintenance

Correct Power Tools Maintenance

Correct Power Tools Maintenance – Power tools have an important role in petrifying the work. Therefore, it is appropriate if the maintenance on power tools must be done properly and correctly. Not without purpose, but it can make the power tools live longer and do not experience obstacles when used.

Although power tools have a variety of types, but the way of treatment is almost the same as each other. That’s considering the power used in power tools that mostly utilize power sources and wind pressure.

Well, if you want the power tools that we have more durable, can follow some tips that will be described below on how to properly care power tools according to their type.

Correct Power Tools Maintenance

In the maintenance of power tools, it should be done regularly after use and also within a certain period of time such as once every 2 or 3 months. Because the maintenance of this tool must be really considered.

A. Routine Power Tools Maintenance

Among the treatments that must be done after use are:

  • Cleaning the power tools from the dirt left over from the workmanship. For example grinding machines or drill machines, if finished use immediately to clean from the remaining grinding or drilling powders
  • Clean the inside of the engine using compressor wind so that dirt does not clot which causes engine damage
  • Roll the cable properly and do not let anything get pinched that can cause the cable to break or short out
  • Store in a dry place and avoid moisture to prevent the onset of corrosion (rust)
  • Lubricate the bearing parts and engine gear with lubricating oil if it will be stored for a long time
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B. Regular Power Tools Maintenance

For the maintenance of power tools periodically within a certain time, the steps that need to be done are as follows.

1. Bearing Inspection

In each power tool, there are several bearings that must be checked one by one. If the condition is still feasible, we simply pay off the bearing with oil. But if the condition is wear out or damaged, it is best to replace it with a new one

2. Carbon Brush Checking

In power tools that use electric power, there is usually a carbon brush on the dynamo drive. Therefore, do check on the carbon brush whether it is exhausted or not. If it’s thin or low, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

3. Gear Component Inspection

Gear is a component in the power tools contained in the machine. If the use is long, usually the gear is wear out and causes a rough sound or weak engine rotation. Therefore, check the gear section periodically to ensure its eligibility conditions.

4. Check the Collector’s Section

Collectors are electrically powered power tools that rub directly with carbon brushes. If the condition is wear out, it will cause sparks when the power tools are turned on. To do so, check the collector’s section. If the wear level is not severe, we can flatten it using fine sandpaper.

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5. Give Lubricants To Taste

Power tools are used continuously every day, usually the lubricant on the gear part will dry out or run out. Therefore, give enough lubricant to the parts that occur friction.

6. Check the Seal Section

In power tools that use wind power, there are usually several seals that serve to prevent wind leakage. Therefore, check the seals whether they are still good or not. If it is wear out or hardened, it is best to replace it with a new one.

Thus the discussion about the correct power tools maintenance to avoid damage and to make the age of power tools more durable. Hopefully useful.

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