Difference Maktec and Makita Power Tools

Maktec and Makita

Difference Maktec and Makita Power Tools – As a user of power tools, must have been presented with several brands when going to buy equipment such as hand grinding, electric drill, wood shavings, and others. Among them are maktec and makita brands. Both products are almost the same physical shape, but the price is very different. Then, what exactly is the difference between maktec and makita brand power tools?

We need to know that makita is a brand of original products made in Japan. In addition to producing electronic equipment, the Japanese manufacturer also makes various types of power tools such as hand grinding, electric drills, trimmers, wood shavings, drills and so on. So, if you have makita brand of electrical carpentry equipment, then it is certain that the tools are production from Japan.

Then in 2000, makita Japan opened a branch in China and started producing various power tools in 2002. And makita products assembled in China is named maktec. So, maktec brand is makita product produced in China. This can be said as a business strategy so that makita products can compete with cheaper prices.

Now there are about 28% of makita products are made in China. And it is also a step by the company to reduce production costs. Because it is no secret if the Chinese state is a manufacturer of goods with low prices. So do not be surprised if Japanese products and Chinese products have a considerable price difference.

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How, have you understood the difference between maktec and makita brands? Well, for the next will be given information about the characteristics of the original product of the brand maktec and makita. Although both have Japanese standard licenses, it is not impossible to circulate counterfeit products on the market.

The original product of maktec and makita brand is characterized by the writing of the name of the product that arises on the body of the machine. The letter is deliberately printed arise that is easy to be seen and clearly visible as a marker of the authenticity of products from the brand maktec and makita.

As for counterfeit goods can be marked from the writing brand that only uses labels without the presence of letters arising on the frame of the machine. In addition, counterfeit products from maktec and makita brands are also seen in the fading color of engine body paint. And the most prominent thing is that the price of the goods will be cheaper than the original.

Such is the discussion about the difference maktec and makita power tools. Hopefully it can be a guide before buying products from maktec and makita.

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