Hand Tools And Power Tools

Hand Tools and Power Tools

Hand Tools And Power Tools – In the automotive world, to perform service on a vehicle, must use equipment to remove and reattach disassembled components. Among some equipment that is often used are hand tools and power tools. What are hand tools? What are power tools? And what are the examples of equipment from both types of tools?

Hand tools or often referred to as hand tools are workshop tools that how to use using hands or human power. In other words, its operation is still manual without other energy source providers. This type of hand tools are very many kinds, including screwdrivers, wrenches, wrenches, hammers, and and others.

While power tools are equipment operated using other energy, such as electricity, wind, and hydraulics. Power tools are also often called power equipment, because these tools will not work if they are not connected to the power source used. Some examples of power tools include drill machines, grinding machines, compressors, and and others.

Hand Tools And Power Tools

To distinguish between hand tools and power tools, the following will be given some examples of tools that fall into the category of both types of tools that are often used in daily work.

A. Hand Tools

Hand tools are tools that facilitate work and still use human power. Examples of hand tools include:

1. Screwdriver

Basically, a screwdriver consists of a plus screwdriver (+) and min screwdriver (-). The function of screwdrivers in general is to remove and attach screws and bolts. However, many also use it to pry out hard-to-remove components.

Examples of vehicle parts that are often disassembled using screwdrivers are compone-components such as lights, motor or car bodies, and other components bound by screws.

The feasibility of a screwdriver can be seen from the tip of his eye. If the screwdriver eye is already blunted or the handle is bent, then it can not be used as a function. And it is usually only used as to remove rotating components.

Maintenance on hand tools of this type is quite easy. Among them is cleaning after using it and put it in place so as not to disappear.

2. Wrench

The second example of hand tools is a wrench. Wrench is a tool used to remove and tighten bolts or nuts. This tool is in the form of a handle that has hexagonal jaws at both ends. To remove the bolt, we can do it by turning to the left, while if it will tighten the bolt, then we must rotate to the right.

The feasibility of this wrench can be seen from the mouth of his jaw. If the jaws on the wrench are wear out, then this wrench will not be able to be used properly.

The treatment on this wrench is also very easy. Among them is cleaning it after use, store it in a safe cabinet and avoided from damp places to avoid erosion or corrosion.

3 .Ring Wrench

The next example of hand tools is the ring wrench. The function of the ring wrench is the same as the wrench, which is to remove and tighten the bolt or nut. However, the ring wrench has a longer handle, so it is able to provide more torque.

Just like a wrench, the feasibility of the ring wrench can be seen from the shape of the key head, if the ring key head is wear out, then the ring wrench will not be able to be used as its function.

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Treatment on this ring wrench is also very easy. Among them is cleaning it after use, store it in a safe cabinet and avoided from damp places to avoid erosion or corrosion.

4 .Standard Combination

A combination key is a combination of a wrench and a key ring. The function of this hand tool is a combination of the function of wrench and ring key, so it is more practical because it has two functions at once that fill each other’s shortcomings between the two keys.

The maintenance and maintenance of this combination key is also the same as wrenches and key rings. Likewise with the feasibility of clothes, if the head of the key is already wear out, then it can not be used to the maximum.

5. Allen Wrench

Allen wrench is a type of hand tool that serves to release and tighten the bolt whose bolt head juts in and hexagonal shape. The size of this allen wrench is between 2 mm – 22 mm.

Feasibility of using the allen wrench can be seen from the tip of the allen wrench rod reply that has been wear out, so it can not be used to open or tighten the bolt L.

6. Spanner

Spanner is a type of hand tool that has a jaw mouth that can be adjusted according to the size of the bolt and myrrh. The function of spanner is to make bolts and nuts that are relatively large and can not be done by wrenches or ring wrench. The use of this key also does not require too much energy because it has a long and strong money lever rod.

The feasibility of using this wrench can be seen from the mouth thread of the jaw and also seen from the mouth of the jaw that has been wear out, so it is not able to grip the bolt or nut to be opened.

For the treatment is still the same as in other types of hand tools, namely cleaned after using it and stored in a safe and not damp place.

7. Hammer

Hammer is a type of hand tool used to put pressure or as a beater in removing or installing engine components that require large pressure, such as to install and remove bearings, remove joints on propeller shafts, and so on.

Feasibility of using this hammer can be seen from the head of the hammer and hammer rod. Do not use a hammer if the head and trunk are no longer viable or almost loose.

8. Socket Wrench

Socket wrench is a key that has a key eye in the form of tubes that can be replaced as needed. This key consists of a lock arm and several key eyes in the form of a set. The lock arm in this socket wrench also has various types, such as rachet, speed brace, T handle, and extension.

The function of this shock wrench is to open or tighten bolts that are difficult to reach by wrenches or ring locks, such as bolts or nuts located on the inside of the machine.

B. Power Tools

As described above, power tools are tools operated using other power providers, such as electrical energy, wind, and hydraulics. Without this energy, the power tools can not be used. Here are some types of power tools that are often used in everyday work.

1. Electric Drill Machine

Electric drill machine is a type of power tools used to make holes in the work object using electric power. The workings of this electric drill machine is the rotation of the electric motor is passed to the engine shaft, so that the shaft rotates and rotates the installed drill bits.

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This electric drill machine is used to make a hole that is relatively small, which is between 1 mm to 16 mm. There are also drill machines equipped with drills thatfingsi as a suppressor when drilling hard objects, such as walls, asphalt, concrete bearings, and so on.

2 .Grinder

In general, money grinding machines are often used divided into two, namely hand grinding machines and sitting grinding machines. Hand grinding machine is a machine that serves to cut and flatten work objects. While the grinding machine sits more functioned to form and sharpen objects to make it sharper.

Other functions of grinding machine are to tidy up the cutting result, tidy up welding results, remove corrosion, and also polish the surface of painted objects. This grinding machine is a power tool designed specifically to be able to produce a rotation speed of about 11,000 to 15,000 rpm. With that speed, the grinding stone can erode the work object perfectly.

3. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a power tool type saw machine for cutting wood with a small thickness. This machine uses thin saw blades that move up and down. Usually used to cut curved shapes, ovals, circles, and others.

The type of saw blade on this jigsaw machine there are several types, ranging from smooth to rough, depending on their use. Rough saw blades are used to make quick cuts, but the result is less neat, on the contrary fine saw blades are used to make neater cuts, but take a long time.

4 .Electric Welding Machine

Electric welding machine is a power tool used to connect two pieces of metal on a fixed. The machine utilizes an electric arc flame directed to the metal surface to be connected. The part affected by the electric arc will melt, while the electrode that produces the electric arc will melt at the end and propagate continuously until the connected metal is permanently fused.

5 .Compressor Engine

Compressor engine is a type of power tool that utilizes air or gas compressing. This machine will suck the air from the outside which will then be channeled back into high pressure air for certain purposes, such as filling the wind wheels / tires of the vehicle, painting, servicing the engine, and so on.

Basically, the function of this compressor engine is to raise air or gas pressure. The air pressure can be raised compressed to reduce its volume. When the volume decreases, the pressure will automatically rise. Thus, the air coming out of the compressor is high pressure air.

Such is the discussion about hand tools and power tools. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the difference between hand tools and power tools lies in the energy used. In hand tools, the moving power is the human hand, while in the power tools are passed by the power of the machine. Meanwhile, the equation of hand tools and power tools is both a tool used to facilitate human work. Hopefully useful.

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