How to Replace Carbon Brush Electric Hand Drill

Carbon Brush Electric Hand Drill

How to Replace Carbon Brush Electric Hand Drill – On this occasion will provide information on how to replace carbon brush on electric hand drill machine. For those who want to try to replace it themselves, please follow the guidelines below.

Every electrical device that uses an electromotor drive source, there is usually a component called a carbon brush. As with any electric hand drill machine, it uses a carbon brush that serves to drain electricity to its rotors.

Carbon brush is a component made of conductor material that is soft. so, if the machine that uses it carbon brush is used continuously, then it will run out and must be replaced. The signs of a depleted carbon brush are that the drill machine cannot be turned on.

In replacing the carbon brush, we must pay attention to its size. Because each brand of drill machine is always different. Do not be arbitrary in installing carbon brushes on electromotor devices, as it can cause damage to the rotors. And here are the steps how to replace the carbon brush on the electric hand drill machine.

Step Steps to Replace Carbon Brush Electric Hand Drill

Before replacing the carbon brush, it is recommended to prepare the equipment used to disassemble the drill machine and also the new carbon brush. And the steps are as follows.

  • Make sure the electric hand drill machine is not connected to the power source before disassembly.
  • The first step is to remove the entire frame locking bolt of the hand drill machine using a screwdriver.
  • If the bolts have removed everything, open the skeleton of the hand drill machine. If it’s hard, use the tip of the screwdriver to open it.
  • Take the spool house located on the back rotor side. Then remove the depleted carbon brush.
  • Put the new carbon brush in place, then place the carbon brush house back in its original place.
  • If the carbon brush is properly attached, reattach the hand drill machine shell and tighten the entire locking bolt.
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Such is the discussion on how to replace carbon brush electric hand drill machine. Make sure the size of the carbon brush is the same as the one to be replaced, because each brand of hand drill machine has a different size. Hopefully useful.

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