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How To Use Iron Cutting Machine

How To Use Iron Cutting Machine

How To Use Iron Cutting Machine – Iron cutting machine or grinding machine is one of the tool tools used to cut iron, plate and so on. This machine uses considerable electrical energy. It generally has an electrical power of about 2000 watts. On this occasion will give guidance on how to use a cutting grinding machine to cut iron.

It should be said that this iron cutting machine or cutting wheel has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages is practical in its use and easy to carry everywhere. While the drawback is not being able to cut the steel plate that is too thick.

To operate this iron cutting grinding machine is actually very easy way. The important thing is we know the parts used to operate it. Therefore, a little will be explained about the parts on the cutting grinding machine.

Iron Cutting Machine Components

This is iron cutting machine components dan their function:

  • Power cord, its function to connect with the power source
  • The main switch of the machine (ON/OFF), its function is to turn the machine on and off
  • Grinding wheel cover, its function is to close and protect the rotating grinding eye, so that sparks and iron powder do not lead to the user
  • Gripping, its function is to clamp the object to be cut so that it does not come off or shift during cutting
  • Grinding wheel (disk grinding), its function is to cut objects
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The above parts are the main components that must be known before using a cutting grinding machine. After understanding the function of each, then operate the iron cutting machine with the following guidelines to be reviewed.

How To Use Iron Cutting Machine

  • Be sure to wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, glasses, and work shoes. Put safety first in working to be safe at work
  • Attach the object to be cut on the gripp and make sure the size limit will be cut correctly, such as the length and angle of inclination. Then lock firmly so that the object does not come off or move when cut
  • After that, plug the power cord into the available power source and make sure the position of the cable is not adjacent to the cutting edge
  • When ready, press the switch to turn on the machine and wait until the disk grinding turn is stable
  • If the round of the cutting edge is tight and stable, start lowering the cutting edge to the object that has been tightly pinched on the stand. If needed, use the help of the left hand to help press the cropping handle
  • Press the cropping handle to gently adjust the cropping. Don’t overpress it to avoid unwanted things
  • Once the cutting is complete, lift the cropping handle up and release the switch button to stop the machine. After that, then unplug the power cord from the power source
  • Don’t forget to clean it before saving it back
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Things to Note In The Use of Cutting Grinding Machine

  • Do not touch the rolling disk of the grinding
  • Do not operate the machine without personal protective equipment
  • Do not touch recently cut objects without gloves, as they become hot due to friction with the cutting disk grinding
  • Try to avoid looking at the disk from the direction of sparks and iron powder
  • Try to operate this cutting grinding machine in a place that does not disturb others
  • Keep the machine in a flat place so that it does not slip during cutting
  • Make sure the position during cutting is comfortable and not in a tight place

Such is the discussion on how to use an iron cutting machine or a correct and safe cutting wheel or cutting wheel. Put safety and health first in working and stick to the rules. Hopefully useful.

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