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How To Remove Hand Grinding Gear

How To Remove Hand Grinding Gear

How To Remove Hand Grinding Gear – For those who will replace the grinding gear because it has been damaged, of course must know how to disassemble it. Because, to remove the gear on the hand grinding machine is quite difficult and requires special skills to remove it.

The gear on the hand grinding machine serves as a connecting bridge round from the haunted to the grinding disc. The friction that occurs in this component is enormous. So, when the time comes, the gears will run out which causes a rough sound if the grinding machine is turned on.

If the grinding gear has been damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. Please note, on the hand grinding machine there are two gears, one located in a small haunted area and the other is on the head of a larger grinder. Therefore, if you are going to change the gear of the grinding machine, you have to change both.

How To Remove Hand Grinding Gear

Step by step removing of hand grinding gear is:

  • Dismantle the hand grinding machine, starting from removing the carbon brush and opening the grinding head
  • Then, take the grinding haunt and remove the gear by loosening the locking nut
  • Remove the gear on the grinding head. The trick is to remove the snap ring first, then use a pair of elbow irons and place it in the gap between the gear and the grinding head. Then, put it on the pedestal, then hit the ace gear with a hammer
  • Attach the new gear to the grinding haunt and fasten the fastening nut. Then put the haunted back in place
  • Also install the grinding head gear and do not forget to install the snap ring
  • Replace the grinding head and also install the carbon brush. finish
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Such is the discussion of the guide to removing helical gear on the hand grinding machine. Hopefully useful.

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