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How To Clean The Honda GX 160 Engine Carburetor

How To Clean The Honda GX 160 Engine Carburetor

How To Clean The Honda GX 160 Engine Carburetor – On the honda GX 160 engine there is a part called a carburetor. Honda GX 160 engine carburetor have a very important role in the performance of an engine. Therefore, we have to clean it regularly.

Honda GX 160 engine is an engine with gasoline fuel. So use the carburetor as a fuel supplier into the combustion chamber. For that, the cleanliness of the carburetor must be maintained so that the engine does not experience problems with the combustion system.

One of the efforts to maintain the performance of the Honda GX 160 engine to stay maximum, we must always serve regularly. Among them is cleaning the carburetor regularly. The following will explain how the steps to clean the carburetor on the honda GX 160 engine.

How To Clean The Honda GX 160 Engine Carburetor

Before doing to clean the carburetor, provide the necessary equipment, such as a 10 mm T key, screwdriver, and cleaning tool. And for the steps to clean it is as follows:

  • Remove the air filter first by removing the nut that is at the top of the air filter assy. Once removed, lift the air filter out of place.
  • Then remove the two carburetor locking nuts attached to the air filter assy stand.
  • Slide the choke lever and fuel valve outwards so that it can remove the assy water filter stand. After that, remove the wire and spring speed regulator connected to the carburetor.
  • Remove the fuel hose and cover the hose with a bolt.
  • Remove the carburetor from place by pulling outwards until the carburetor comes off.
  • Try to the carburetor gasket not to be damaged. But if the carburetor gasket is damaged it’s okay, because we can replace it with a new gasket.
  • Remove the carburetor fuel container bolt located at the bottom using a 10 mm ring lock.
  • After the carburetor cup is removed, pull the buoy pin to remove the buoy and carburetor needle.
  • Then clean the carburetor buoys and carburetor needles until clean.
  • Then remove the spuyer that is inside the carburetor with a screwdriver min (-). Then clean the spuyer until the small clean hole is not clogged with dirt.
  • Remove the stationary bolt that is at the top of the carburetor using a screwdriver. Then grab the air spuyer by poking it out with a screwdriver min (-)
  • Clean the air spuyer until clean.
  • Then clean the entire body of the carburetor with a brush and cleaning fluid. Spray with a air compressor wind so that the dirt can be lost perfectly.
  • Once all the parts are clean, re-arrange the parts that have been removed properly.
  • When you’re done, put the carburetor back in place.
  • Don’t forget to reattach fuel hoses, wires, and spring speed control.
  • Then reattach the assy filter water in its original place.
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Such is the discussion on how to clean the honda GX 160 engine carburetor. Good luck.

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