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How to Fix Over Heating 2-Stroke Lawn Mower

How to Fix Over Heating 2-Stroke Lawn Mower

How to Fix Over Heating 2-Stroke Lawn Mower – Improper maintenance of a machine will cause the machine to experience problems. One of them is a over heating machine. Well, in this article will be discussed about the causes and how to fix a over heating machine lawn mower.

Misuse and lack of maintenance on the lawn mower, will result in decreased engine performance. In addition, usually the engine will heat up quickly when used.

If the lawn mower heats up quickly, there are some problems that may be the cause. And here are the causes and how to fix a over heating 2-stroke lawn mower.

How to Fix Over Heating 2-Stroke Lawn Mower

1.Wrong Fuel Usage

The 2-stroke lawn mowe uses mixed gasoline fuel. The combination of fuel with improper mixed oil can cause the lawn mower to heat up quickly.

How to know the lack or absence of mixture on fuel on a 2-stroke lawn mower we can do by dipping a finger in the fuel. If the fingers are dyed and we blow immediately dry, then it can be ascertained that the oil mixes in less fuel.

If you experience something like this, immediately do the fuel re-fusion properly. For the normal dose, 1 liter of gasoline is mixed with 3 mixed oil caps.

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2. Bearing Crank Shaft Damaged

The second cause of a fast hot 2-stroke lawn mowe is a broken crank shaft bearing. In a lawn mower, there are generally 2 bearings attached to the crank shaft.

To check whether the bearing on the crank shaft is damaged or not, we can do so by turning the crank shaft using the hand in a spark plug detached. Bearings that are still good, we can mark with a loose rotation without load if the crank shaft is rotated.

If you find the crank shaft bearing damaged, then we have to replace the bearing with a new bearing. However, we have to dismantle all parts of the lawn mower to fix it.

3. Drag Cutting Propellers

Propellers that drag on lawn mower can be caused by several factors. Among them are dirt that goes into the propeller house, the bearing of the drag propeller house and the greace on the handle of the lawn mower is exhausted.

To check whether the propeller is a drag cutter or not, we can check it by rotating the propeller by using the hand in the propeller handle state detached from the engine.

If you are experiencing drag propeller problems on the lawn mower, check the three factors mentioned above. If there is dirt in the propeller house, immediately remove the dirt. If the bearings contained in the propeller house drag, then replace it with a new bearing. And if you find the greace is exhausted, give enough greace.

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Such is the cause and how to fix a over heating lawn mower. Good luck.

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