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Circular Saw Parts Name And Fuctions

Circural Saw Parts Name

Circular Saw Parts Name And Fuctions – This post will discuss the circural saw parts and functions. For those who do not know the function of the circural saw parts name, please refer to the following discussion.

For woodworkers, it is certainly no stranger to circural saw. Circural saw is a machine used to cut and split wood. Circural saw is driven by electric power. This wood cutting tool is equipped with an automatic protector that will always close the cutting disk when the machine is turned on.

The main parts of this circural saw are electrical components and cutting disks. Here is a complete explanation of the circural saw parts and their respective functions.

Circular Saw Parts Name And Fuctions

Circular Saw has almost the same parts as the components of the grinding machine. But because it is specifically designed for cutting wood, the components have been specially designed to be easy to use.

1. Drive Machine

Just like other carpentry tools, circural saw has dynamo as the main mover consisting of armature, stator and carbon brush. The armature is the rotating part, while the stator is the stationary part. While the carbon brush itself is a current delivery material from the stator to the armature.

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2. Machine Switch and Handle

In circural saw, the position of the switch has been designed and located on the handle handle of the machine. This is to make the operation of the machine easier and more comfortable. Because when we hold the machine, our index finger is ready to press the switch.

3. Mounts And Cutting Disk

This mount is an ad where the cutting disk attaches. In this section there is a flange that serves as a cutting disk hold so that it is always restrained when the wood cutting process. While the cutting disk is a circle of steel used to cut wood.

4. Protector

The protector of this machine is found on the cutting disk. Its function is to direct wood powder during the wood cutting process. So that the wood powder is not scattered to any names.

Such is the discussion about circural saw parts name and functions. May it be useful.


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