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Electric Hand Drill Machine Parts and Functions

Electric Hand Drill Machine Parts

Electric Hand Drill Machine Parts and Functions – The electric hand drill machine has important parts interconnected between each other. These electrical hand drill parts will work together and produce a rotation that serves to make holes on a surface. In addition to making holes, electrical hand drill machines can also be used for other things, such as tightening and removing bolts. And many also modify it and use it as dough grinder, stirrer, and so on.

This electric hand drill machine has different size. And the often encountered is an electrical hand drill machine with a size of 10 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm. for which the size of 10 mm is usually only equipped with a directional winding lever, which is the direction of the clockwise and the opposite of the clockwise direction.

For the size of 13 mm and 16 mm is usually more specific with the completeness of dril. What is Dril? Dril is a forward-going movement that has certain pressures to help press on the drilling process. It is usually encountered when drilling walls or other hard objects. And here is a component of the electrical hand drill machine and its explanation.

Electric Hand Drill Machine Parts and Functions

  • Armature and Stator
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Similarly to hand grinding machines, the electrical hand drill machines also use armature and stator as the source of the producer. Armature and stator are parts made of regularly arranged copper rolls. In this stator section there is a drill-down direction setting. And that’s the turn that is later used to reverse the direction of the drill round.

  • Carbon Brush

A carbon brush, often called charcoal, is a solid carbon that acts as an electrician. Usually each has a carbon brush with different sizes and shapes. In each carbon brush and home carbon brush must always be equipped with the presence of pear that serves to suppress the carbon brush to always stick to the armature.

  • Drill Head

The drill head is the part on the most tip electric hand drill machine as the drill-down. This is where it is used to mount and remove the drill. To mount or remove the drill, it must use a special drill key available at the time of purchase of the drill machine. Do not use any tools when attaching or removing the drill, as it will damage the drill head itself.

  • Gear Connector

The connecting gear is the gear that is found. In this connection gear there is no drill setting that serves for drill-back movement. Most electric hand drill machines use a sloped teeth. That is because the angled gear has a small friction that produces a smooth sound in each of its symptoms.

  • Switch
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Switch is a tool used as breaker and connector of electric current. While on the electric hand drill machine is used to turn on and off. At this machine, usually equipped with a round-turn directional adjustment lever. And there are also equipped with a rotation speed regulator that serves to regulate the fast and slow rotation.

  • Drill Button

The drill button is usually located at the top or next to the electric hand drill machine frame. The drill button serves to perform the drill function. Dril is a forward-going movement of drill head that aims to strengthen drill-eye pressure when drilling on a sufficiently hard field, such as a wall and others.

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