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Hand Grinding Machine Parts And Functions

Hand Grinding Machine Parts

Hand Grinding Machine Parts And Functions – Hand grinding machine is a machine used for leveling and cutting workpieces. It has important parts in the form of a series of electrical components interconnected with each other.

From these parts of the grinding machine, produce a rotation of the motion energy. And that round that moves the grinding disk. The round of the grinding disk will rub with the workpiece and produce a cutting or leveling step depending on the disk direction of the grinding.

The components of hand grinding machines generally use electrical energy resources. However, there are also use wind energy sources, namely by utilizing the wind pressure generated by the compressor engine. The following is the name of parts the hand grinding machine and its functions. And every component of the hand grinding machine has its own function. For more details, see the following descriptions.

Hand Grinding Machine Parts And Functions

The hand grinding machine parts consists of the electric part and the driving machine which includes:

1. Armature

Armature is the main shaft on the hand grinding machine. This part is made of copper rolls. At one end there was a fan that functioned as a cooling and a round balancer. And at one end there is a collector that serves as a place of friction between the rotor with carbon brash. In this armature part is attached to two bearing fruit that functions as the place of a mount armature itself.

2. Stator

It is part of a silent hand grinding machine. Serves to move the armature. The shape is elongated circles made of regularly arranged copper reels. At either end of the roll, there are two cable lines that have different functions. The one cable serves as a liaison with the home carbon brush. While the other cable is a connection to the power source.

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3. Carbon Brush

Among the general public, this item is often referred to as charcoal/spool grinders. It is a solid carbon engine grinding machine that serves as an electrical conducer. At the end there is a pear that serves to ensure the carbon brush is always attached to the collector. This type of carbon brush is very diverse, ranging from small to large size.

4. Connecting Gears

The connecting gears are part of the hand grinding machine of a pair of interlocking gears. The shape of both of the gears is tyre, so when combined will result in a round motion that is straight-shaped. The tooth shape of the connecting gears is straight and there are also slanted. Usually every brand and type of hand grinding machine is always different.

5. Switch

The switch is part of the hand grinding machine that serves as a connector and electrical power breaker. The location is usually located on the cover of the hand grinding machine or there is also located on the back of the hand grinding machine. The switches on the hand grinding machine are usually also equipped with speed control. This speed organizer serves to quickly regulate the rotation of the hand grinding machine.

6. Bearing

That is the part that serves as the seat of the mounting shaft of the hand grinding machine (armature). In the hand grinding machine, there are usually three bearings. The two bearings are attached to both the armature end, and the other is at the end of the hand grinding machine. These bearings have a very varied number and size. So if we are going to buy hand grinding machine bearings, do not forget to preview the number listed on the bear cap.

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7. Flange

The Flange or grinding disk clamp is a pair of iron plates that serve as the place of grinding disk. This section is at the end of the hand grinding machine. In this flange, there is a hole that serves to enter the key of the grinding disk when it will remove or install the grinding disk.

8. Grinding Disk

The next part is the grinding disk. The shape of the grinding disk is like a flat disc and various types and functions. Before using the grinding disk, we must understand first of the types and functions of each of the grinding disk. Because each grinding disk has different functions.

9. The Protector

On the hand grinding machine there is a protector that is on the Machine Head. The protector serves to direct the friction between the grinding and workpiece eyes, so that the direction will be determined by the protective position that can be set in position.

Thus the information about the name of the hand grinding machine parts and functions. Hopefully it can add useful insight.

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