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Types Of Power Tools And Functions

Type Of Power Tools

Types Of Power Tools And Functions – Understanding power tools or power equipment is an equipment that is operated or moved by using power derived from the source of energy providers. Without an energy source, power tools cannot be used. Examples of types of power tools among others are impact, drill, jack hammer, and grinder.

In general, the function of power tools is to accelerate in completing the work. For example when we do drilling by manual, of course it takes a long time. Using power tools such as electric drill machines can of course save you a lot of time if done correctly, but can be dangerous if it is wrong in its use.

Various energy sources that can be used in power tools include electro motors that have a source of electrical current, compressed air, internal ignition machines, and hydraulic power (pneumetis). And here are some functions of this type of power tools that are often used in everyday work.

Types Of Power Tools And Functions

There are many types of power tools on the market. And each of these power tools has its own functions. And here are some of the types of power tools that are most often found in jobs in workshops or in automotive factories.

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1. Hand Grinder

Hand Grinder

Hand grinder or hand grinder is a type of power tools that have multifunction, such as for cutting, to smooth or flatten objects, and also to polish the surface of certain materials. Hand grinding machine uses grinding stone that has its own function, ranging from grinding stone that serves as sander, stone or reciprocal, to fabric used for polishing.

2. Hand Drill

Hand Drill

Hand drill or hand drill is a type of power tools that serve as a tool to make holes. Hand drill machines have many types of drill bits according to their respective uses. However, usually we only use one type to get all the work done. Among the types of hand drill machines are elektric hand drill (using cable), cordless drill (using batteries), and air drill (using air compressor).

3. Portable Impact Wrench

Portable Impact Wrench

Portable impact wrench or impact key is a type of power tools used to loosen or tighten bolts/nuts very quickly. This tool is often used in automotive workshops and factories. Portable impact wrench is available in various shapes and sizes according to its use. Among the two most common types are the shape of a gun and a lever.

4. Pneumatic Screwdriver

Pneumatic Screwdriver

Screwdriver or pneumetic screwdriver is a type of power tools used to facilitate some of the work of mechanics in the workshop. This pneutic screwdriver is used on screws or bolts that have high torque fastening. Pneumatic screwdrivers have almost the same function as impact wrench.

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5. Air Chiesel

Air Chiesel

Air chisel is a type of power tools that serve as a sculptor. It works almost the same as a jackhammer, but cycling rates are faster. While the shape resembles an impact wrench, but the head has a different socket head.

Just like other air tools, this air chisel requires regular lubrication. Before and after using it, drip some oil into the inlet in the chisel water.

Thus the discussion about some of the types of power tools and functions. Hopefully useful.

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