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How to Use Bench Grinder Properly And Safely

How To Use Bench Grinder

How to Use Bench Grinder Properly And Safely – Bench grinder is a grinding machine that has a fixed mount. Its use is different from hand grinding. When operating a bench grinder, its workpiece is moving, while on the hand grinding machine, the machine is moving. Well, on this occasion, will provide information on how to use the bench grinder properly and safely.

Bench grinder is a machine that is usually used to sharpen and smooth workpieces. In using bench grinder, we must pay attention to several things to avoid risks and prioritize work safety.

Before starting to operate the bench grinder, it is best to first identify the parts and functions. Because this is an important part as a guide how to use the machine. And for its use, please refer to the following guide.

Step by Step to Use Bench Grinder

  • Check machine and make sure it is in a normal state and all parts are functioning properly.
  • Use work safety equipment according to predetermined procedures to avoid work accidents.
  • Get the workpieces and equipment ready. If the object to be worked on is small, it is recommended to use a clamp to avoid heat from friction.
  • If the equipment is set up correctly, start by plugging the power cord in the available outlets.
  • Then press the on button to start the machine. Wait a few moments for the rotation speed to move steadily. Do not use this bench grinder when the round is still unstable.
  • Cover the protective glass to avoid splashing the rest of the grinding.
  • After that hold the workpiece firmly, then point at the rotating grinding disc carefully.
  • In directing the object, it should pay attention to its position and tilt, so that the spark resulting from the grinding process goes in the right direction.
  • Do not aim the object perpendicular to the grinding disc, as it may cause the object to bounce and reverse direction which may endanger work safety.
  • Do not press the workpiece hard, just slow down so that the result matches the desired size.
  • When finished grinding, turn off the machine by pressing the off button and unplugging the power cord from the plug. Then clean the machine and the surrounding area.
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This is the information on how to use a safe bench grinder according to existing procedures. Always be careful when working with always using the recommended personal protection.

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