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Procedure Of Using The Correct Power Tools

Procedure Of Using The Correct Power Tools

Procedure Of Using The Correct Power Tools – The use of power tools is very helpful job and saves time. However, we must follow the existing procedure to operate it. Because, if not following the correct instructions can instead harm the safety of the work.

Power tools itself is a tool that uses power not from human power, but uses energy providers such as electricity, pneumetic, or hydraulic. So to operate the power tools should be according to instructions that are adjusted the standard of each factory.

Among the different types of power tools are electric drill, hand grinding, planner, pneumatic screwdriver, and spray gun. And the following are the procedures for using some of the correct power tools.

Procedure Of Using The Correct Power Tools

A. Procedure Of Use Electric Drill

Electric drill is the power tool used to make holes in workpieces. This tool uses electrical energy and is often used in workshops and crafting worlds. And the following procedures are the use of electric drill machines.

  • To attach the drill, spin the chuck in the counter-clockwise direction using the Chuck key
  • Once the jaw mouth opens, put the drill into it. Then tighten it with the chuck lock by turning it clockwise
  • Put the power cord into the power source, then position the drill end on the area to be covered
  • Hold the machine upright straight with both hands. Then press the switch to the on position to operate the electric drill
  • When you finish using the drill machine, unplug the power cord from the power source and disconnect the drill back
  • Keep the electric drill in a safe place and occasionally grease the chuck parts with the oil to avoid rusting

B. Procedure Of Use Hand Grinding Machine

Hand grinding is a multifunctional power tool that can be used to cut, soften, sharpen, or even polish the surface of the objects. This tool uses electrical energy. And the procedure is the use of this power tools.

  • Choose the grinding discs according to the function. Do not use the same grinding discs for any grinding purposes
  • To install the grinding discs, open the flange using the key of the grinding discs in the counterclockwise direction while pressing the Stoper button
  • Position the hole of the grinding discs right on the grinding shaft, then reattach the flange and tighten it by turning it clockwise while pressing the stoper
  • Plug the power cord into a power source, then position the grinding discs on the object to be grindled
  • Hold the machine using both hands firmly. Then position the switch button to the on position to turn the machine on
  • Make sure the direction of the grinding splash leads to a safe place
  • After finishing the grinding, unplug the power cord from the power source. Then remove the grinding discs using the flange key
  • Clean the grinders from the rest of the grinding dirt and keep it in a safe place
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C. Procedure Of Use Planner Machine

The Planner machine or wooden drawstring machine is the power tool used to flatten the wood surface. This machine uses electrical energy to operate it. And here’s a guide to using planner machines.

  • Position the wood direction appropriately and clamp it firmly for the small sized wood
  • Plug the power cord into a power source. Then position the drawstring to the wood field that will be flatten
  • Hold the shavers firmly, then press the switch to turn it on
  • Rotate the Knop in the counter-clockwise direction for deeper absorbing. For a thin absorber, rotate the knop clockwise
  • Once the wood Absorpener is finished, cancut power cord from the power source
  • Clean the rest of the wooden drawers on the outside and in the machine. Then keep it in a safe place

D. Procedure Of Use Screwdriver Pneumetic

Screwdriver is a tool used to remove or install bolts on automotive parts. This tool uses wind power to operate it. And here is the procedure to use this power tools.

  • Connect the screwdriver pneumetic to the available wind source
  • Attach the screwdriver’s eye to the bolt shape that will be removed or mounted
  • Position the screwdriver’s eye right on the Bolt’s head hole that will be removed or mounted
  • Press the lever to run pneumetic screwdriver. To change the direction of the rotation, slide the directional modifier lever
  • After finishing using pneumetic screwdriver, disconnect the screwdriver on the socket
  • Clean and store in a secure money place. Lubricating before and after use with with lubricant oil to taste
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E. Procedure Of Use Spray Gun

A Spray gun is a power tool used for painting. This tool uses wind power to operate it. And here is the procedure to use spray gun for painting.

  • Connect a spray gun with a compressed wind source (compressor machine)
  • Open the Wind Knop and press the lever to make sure the spray gun is uncompressed and functioning properly
  • Put paint into the spray gun tube. Put it sufficiently to make the spray gun not heavy when used
  • Experiment with adjusting the paint Knop, wind knop, and burst width before using it
  • If the settings are correct, start painting in the Work field
  • After painting is complete, clean the spray gun until the rest of the paint is completely lost
  • Remove the spray gun from the wind source and store it in a safe place

Such is the discussion of the procedure of using power tools as a very effective tool. In addition, we also must pay attention to safety when using power tools such as protective glasses, gloves, ear protectors, masks, work helmets, work clothes, safety shoes, and so forth. Hopefully useful.

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