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Cause Of Jammed Diesel Engine

Cause Of Jammed Diesel Engine

Cause Of Jammed Diesel Engine – Using diesel engine as the source of the drive does have its own advantages. In addition to the strength is stronger, the fuel is also more efficient, because diesel engines use diesel fuel that is cheaper than gasoline.

In addition to having some advantages to feature, but this diesel engine also has some disadvantages. Among them are loud machine sounds and have a pretty heavy machine weight. In addition, how to turn on this diesel engine can also be said to be quite difficult. Because not everyone can turn on the diesel engine.

Regular maintenance of the diesel engine is highly recommended. Because this diesel engine can have problems at any time. And among those problems is the jammed machine can not be crank. And the following is the cause of the problem of the jammed diesel engine.

Cause Of Jammed Diesel Engine

1. Less Engine Oil

The lack of lubricating oil on diesel engines is a major cause of the problem of jammed diesel engines. The effect of oil is enormous on diesel engine performance. Oil that is lacking will cause the engine to become rapidly hot which causes friction between the other part with the other being larger. So it will cause a sudden stopping of those parts or a gancet machine.

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2. Oil Pump not Working

The second cause of a jammed diesel engine cannot be on the crank. The oil pump on the diesel engine is not functioning. Malfunction of the oil pump will result in oil being unable to spread throughout the machine and resulting in congestion in the parts requiring oil grease lubrication.

3. Faulty Machine Parts

Damage to any part of the diesel engine, will make the other parts connected to the damaged part not working properly. One example of the part that often suffered damage to the diesel engine is broken valve and inhibits the speed of the piston. So the diesel engine is stuck and cannot be crank at all.

These are some of the causes of jammed diesel engine. Hopefully this article can be helpful and helpful.

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