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How To Remove Boring On Diesel Engine

How To Remove Boring Diesel Engine

How To Remove Boring On Diesel Engine – In diesel drive engine, boring is a compression chamber and the place of combustion process. This boring has an age and should be replaced. Therefore, the boring can wear out if it is time.

Boring on diesel drive engines is different from boring found in gasoline engines. In gasoline drive engines, if boring has worn out, it can still be repaired by doing a korter or oversize. However, boring on diesel engines cannot be in the korter and must be replaced if damaged.

If boring is damaged, then the diesel engine will be difficult to turn on, or may not even be able to live at all. So if there is such a problem, we have to check the boring state. And if it is damaged, it must replace the boring. For the installer, please see the following discussion on how to remove and install boring on diesel engines.

How To Remove Boring On Diesel Engine

There are step by step to remove boring on diesel engine:

  • Remove all parts – the front of the diesel drive engine, such as air filter, exhaust, hight pipe pressure ( solar channel ), bonnet cover, rocker arm, push road, and cylinder head
  • Open the rear cover of the diesel drive engine, then remove 2 piston stalk locking bolts. After that, remove the piston by pushing the piston stalk out
  • Then remove the boring using a long iron or can also use strong wood. That is by attaching the iron tip to the boring lips located inside the engine room and tapping the iron using a hammer firmly
  • Once the boring is removed, clean the boring place and pair it with a new boring. Before installing boring, do not forget to install boring rubber on the groove of the boring rubber place
  • Install by inserting boring from the outside. Then use the wood to tap the boring to fit right into place
  • Then reattag all the detached parts starting from the piston and piston stalk
  • After that, also attach the front of the diesel drive engine that detached correctly and sequentially
  • If needed, replace the engine oil before the diesel drive engine is turned on. Because there is usually dirt that enters and mixes with the engine oil when disassembly to remove the boring
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That’s how little explanation can be given about how to remove boring diesel engine. May this article be useful.

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