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How To Fix A Flooded Carburetor Lawn Mower

How To Fix A Floaded Carburetor Lawn Mower

How To Fix A Flooded Carburetor Lawn Mower – A problem that often occurs lawn mower are flooding carburetors. A flood carburetor is damage caused by a damaged carburetor component. In this article will be discussed about the causes and how to fix the carburetor of a flooded lawn mower.

The carburetor itself is a component of the gasoline engine that serves as a fuel supplier to the combustion chamber. In lawn mower, carburetors often experience flooding that results in the machine becoming unable to be turned on. For that, it is important for us to know how to fix carburetors on flooded lawn mower.

In addition to the engine is difficult to turn on, the result of other flood carburetors is wasted fuel. Because it will continue to flow out even if the machine is in a state of stop. Therefore, if you experience problems with carburetors, it must be repaired immediately so that the lawnm ower can be used normally. Here is a discussion about the causes and how to fix the carburetor of a flooded lawn mower.

How To Fix A Flooded Carburetor Lawn Mower

There are several problems that cause lawn mower carburetors to flooded. Among them are as follows:

1. Dirty Fuel

One of the causes of flooded lawn mower carburetors is dirty fuel due to mixed dirt. Problems like this are usually caused when refueling without filtering. So that dirt from outside will mix with fuel.

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When the fuel mixed with dirt into the carburetor, it will cause the air gap in the carburetor will be clogged. Thus resulting in the absence of air circulation in the carburetor and fuel will look for gaps to get out of the carburetor.

How to fix the carburator of a lawn mower caused by this period is to drain the fuel in the fuel tank, then clean it until clean and dry. Then we also have to clean the inside of the carburetor. Because it is likely that fuel mixed with dirt has entered the carburetor. Once the carburetor and fuel tank are cleaned, re-fill the fuel into the fuel tank.

2. Carburetor Float Needle Is Damaged

A carburetor float needle is an automatic open lid valve that regulates the entry of fuel into the carburetor. If the carburetor space has been fully filled with fuel at a predetermined limit, then the carburetor float needle will immediately close the flow of fuel flowing into the carburetor.

If the carburetor float needle is damaged, then the valve will not close properly and result in the flow of fuel will continue to flow into the carburetor even though the room has been full at the specified limit. So that the fuel overflows and flows out.

Problems like this can be solved by replacing the new carburetor float needle. However, it should be noted when replacing a carburetor float needle should have the same shape and size. Because each lawn mower has a different size of carburetor float needles.

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3. Carburetor Float Too High

The third cause of a flooding lawn mower carburetor is the arrangement of a carburetor float that is too high. The carburetor float is the part that serves to regulate the low surface of the fuel accommodated in the carburetor space.

If the setting is too high, then the carburetor float needle will not be able to close even though the fuel has been fully charged inside the carburetor room. So that gasoline will overflow out of the carburetor.

To repair flooded carburetors caused by carburetor float too high, namely by changing the height of the carburetor float according to the average standard. And try not to be too low, because it can cause the fuel too efficient and the engine becomes hot quickly.

Thus the discussion about the causes of how to fix a flooded carburetor lawn mower. Good luck.

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