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How to Service Honda GX 160 Engine

How to Service Honda GX 160 Engine

How to Service Honda GX 160 Engine – Every machine definitely needs maintenance to last and its performance is maintained. One example of an engine that is often used in industrial areas is the Honda GX 160 engine. These machines are often used to pull heavy loads. So it is necessary to serve regularly so as not to suffer damage.

The Honda GX 160 is a gasoline engine. This machine has several types, including the GX 120, GX 160, and GX 200. Each type has different strengths. However, in servicing on this GX machine the same way.

To service on the Honda GX 160 engine is quite easy. We can do it alone without having to be taken to the workshop. Well, for those who will serve and have never done so, please follow the steps how to service the following Honda GX 160 engine.

How to Service Honda GX 160 Engine

In servicing the Honda GX 160 engine, there are several important parts that must be checked and cleaned regularly. Among them are air filters, carburetors, and spark plugs. In addition, the engine oil part must also be replaced regularly.

1. Cleaning the Air Filter

Air filters are a pretty important part. Its function is as an air filter that goes into the carburetor. Therefore, it must be cleaned properly when servicing, so that the incoming air is free from dirt.

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To clean the air filter, the way is to spout with pressurized wind. However, if the condition is very dirty, we can wash it first, then dry it.

2. Carburetor Service

Carburetor is a part of the gasoline engine that serves to supply fuel and air into the cylinder block. So, the condition must be considered properly because it greatly affects the performance of the engine.

One way that can be done to maintain the balance of carburetor function is to clean regularly. In addition, the replacement of carburetor gaskets is also important if it has been damaged.

3. Change Spark plugs Periodically

Spark plugs are a very important component of the Honda GX 160 engine. Acting as the beginning of the combustion process, then the spark plug flame must be really good for combustion to be perfect.

Therefore, check the condition of spark plugs as often as possible. If the flame is no longer good, replace it with a new spark plug and good quality. For honda GX 160 engines, use BP5ES type spark plugs.

4. Change Engine Oil Regularly

The quality of engine oil the longer, the decrease. If the engine oil is never replaced, then the engine will quickly heat up and produce a considerable vibration.

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For that, change the engine oil regularly so that the engine performance remains maximum. For honda GX 160 engines, the engine oil dose is 0.6 ml. Check every 100 hours of use, if the oil condition is black, then replace it with a new engine oil.

This is the information about how to service the Honda GX 160 engine. Good luck.


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