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How to Check Diesel Engine Solar Pressure

How to Check Diesel Engine Solar Pressure

How to Check Diesel Engine Solar Pressure – Diesel engine pressure greatly affects the life and absence of diesel engines. Therefore, before starting a diesel engine, we must check the diesel pressure on the diesel engine, whether the pressure is good or not.

Good diesel engine diesel pressure, can be known from the loud sound of the nozzle when turning the engine. The thing that affects whether or not the diesel engine pressure is the bosh pump. If the bosh pump is problematic, then the diesel will not flow into the nozzle.

Bosh pump serves as a solar pump. The pressed solar is then streamed towards the nozzle. Therefore, if the diesel engine diesel pressure is not good, check the bush pump and nozzle. Because both components have an important role in the diesel pressure in diesel engines.

How to Check Diesel Engine Solar Pressure

To check the diesel pressure on the diesel engine, we need to pay attention to the sound that is heard when turning the engine on will be turned on. Good solar pressure, will sound loud and irregular in the cylinder head.

In addition, another way that can be done to check solar pressure is to look directly at the solar emissions that come out. The trick is to remove the nozzle from its place and put it outside. Good solar pressure will be visible from a tight and foggy beam.

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Good and not solar pressure we can feel by placing the surface of the hand right in front of the nozzle hole. If the solar pressure is good, then the palm will feel a little pain by the solar emissions coming out of the nozze.

Tips to Fix Bad Solar Pressure

If you find less good solar pressure, the first step is to set the spindle nozzle bolt located at the end of the nozzle rod. Turn the bolt clockwise using a screwdriver gradually while turning the engine slowly until the sound of solar pressure inside the cylinder head is heard.

But if this method can not improve solar pressure to be good, then check the spindle nozzle and nozzle. If you find damage to both parts, make new replacements to the nozzle and spindle nozzle.

In addition, we also need to check the bosch pump. To find out whether or not bosch pump in pressing diesel, can be done by removing the HPP pipe that goes to the nozzle. Then turn the machine slowly. A good Bosch pump can be characterized by strong radiating solar pressure. So what if the bosch pump pressure isn’t good?

The trick is to check every component in the bosch pump. To check it out, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Because if there is an error in unloading the bosh pump, it will result in new problems in the diesel engine.

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That’s how to check the diesel pressure on diesel engines. I hope this article can be useful.

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