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Water Pump Repair Service

Water Pump Repair Service

Water Pump Repair Service – Water pump is a machine that has an important role in everyday life. For this reason, good maintenance and understanding the problems of the water pump machine are mandatory things that must be considered. In this article, we will discuss the correct water pump repair service guide.

Water pumps have several types, such as jet pumps, submersibles, and mini water pumps. Even so, the way the water pump works is the same. So that the problems and services of various types of water pumps are almost the same way.

Actually, if the water pump has a problem, we don’t have to worry. Because there are many water pump service services available near our homes. However, if you want to repair the water pump yourself, please follow the following water pump repair service guide.

Water Pump Repair Service

Here are some of the problems that often occur with water pump and how to make repair services to them.

1. Water Pump is Dead

A dead water pump is a common problem in water pumping machines. This problem of the water pump not being able to turn on is usually caused by one of the electrical components not working. For example, the power cord breaks, the capacitor turns off, or the electromotor catches fire.

To fix this problem is to check the entire electrical circuit on the water pump. Starting from cables, capacitors, and electromotors. Check the electrical lines with a multitester.

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If there is a broken cable connection, we can immediately connect the cable and wrap it with an isolatype. If the capacitor does not work, replace it with a new capacitor. Whereas if the electromotor catches fire, it is better to replace a new water pump. Because, the cost of repairing an electromotor is almost the same as the price of a new water pump.

2. Water Pump Does Not Climbs

The problem of the water pump not climbs is usually caused by the long life of the pump. Generally, the cause of this problem is that the mekanical seal of the water pump is damaged, so the water pressure decreases and the water cannot climbs.

To solve this problem, the trick is to replace the mekanical seal of the water pump with a new one. Please note that each brand of water pump has a different mekanical seal size. So, if you are going to replace it, make sure it fits the old size.

3. Switch Pressure Does Not Stop

Damage to the switch pressure is generally caused by the pegatur bolt has changed or is damaged. To solve this problem, namely by resetting the pressure switch bolts on the water pump. However, if the reset does not work, then replace the new pressure switch. 

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4. Electrocution Water Pump

Electrocuted water pumps are a rare water pump problem. The cause of this problem is the presence of an electrical line attached to the engine body. So, when the water pump machine is turned on, it will electrocute.

To solve this problem, it is very easy. That is by checking the electrical line on the water pump. If you find a damaged electrical line (cable) and attached to the machine body, wrap the cable with an solatipe.

5. Water Pump Jammed

The water pump is stuck or does not rotate, usually caused by a water pump that has not been used for a long time. The cause of the water pump not being able to rotate is the presence of a damaged bearing or an impeller attached to the wall of the water pump tube.

To fix this problem, check the impeller part of the water pump located inside the tube. If the position is attached to the wall of the tube, re-adjust the distance so that it can rotate.

However, if setting the impeller has been done and still does not rotate, check the bearing located on the electromotor of the water pump. If there is a damaged bearing, fix it immediately by replacing a new bearing of the same size.

Thus the discussion about the problem and guidelines for water pump repair service. Hope it is useful.

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