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How To Fix A Hard To Turn On The Lawn Mower

How To Fix A Hard To Turn On The Lawn Mower

How To Fix A Hard To Turn On The Lawn Mower – Lawn mower machines sometimes have problems. One of the problems that often occur is that lawn mower machines are difficult to turn on. In this article will be discussed about how to fix a hard to turn on the lawn mower.

The cause of hard-to-turn on lawn mower is usually caused by improper use and lack of care to the machine. So that the engine performance decreases which makes the engine difficult to turn on.

To fix a lawn mower is difficult to turn on, actually not so difficult as imagined. With a note, we have understood the working system and components of lawn mower machines. If you have understood everything, it will definitely be easy to find the cause of the damage. And here are some of the causes of lawn mower machines are difficult to turn on.

Causes and How to Fix a Hard to Turn On the Lawn Mower

1. Ignition System Lost

The loss of the ignition system in a lawn mower can be caused by several factors. The first factor is that the distance between CDI and magnetism is too tenuous. How to overcome this problem is to set the distance of the two parts appropriately, resulting in a good ignition.

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The second factor is that CDI does not work. The function of CDI is to set the time to break the fire on the spark plug. So that if the CDI does not work, then the spark plugs will not be able to ignite the flame. To solve this problem is to replace it with a new CDI.

The third factor is the dead spark plugs. So that combustion in the engine will not occur and the engine will also not be able to live. To overcome this method is very easy to replace the new spark plugs.

The fourth factor is the CDI mass cable attached to the engine material. This CDI mass cable is indeed used to turn off the engine. But the problem that often occurs is that the CDI mass cable is peeled off and attached to the engine body. To solve this problem simply by researching the CDI mass cable line. If there is a chipped path, close it using a solatip.

2. Flood Carburetor

The cause of a flood carburetor on a lawn mower is fuel mixed with dirt. The mixing of dirt usually occurs during refueling. And it happens because of a gasoline filter that has been damaged or lost. In addition, flood carburetors can also be caused by setting buoys that are too high on carburetors.

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To solve this problem, unload and clean the carburetor parts using gasoline until clean. Once clean and dry, raft back and set the height of the carburetor buoy properly.

3. Compression Lost

There are several things that cause loss of compression in lawn mowing machines. The first thing is that the piston ring does not expand. This is usually due to a machine that is not used for a long period of time. To overcome this is to clean the flow of the piston ring that is in the piston.

The second thing is less lubricating oil that causes the engine to heat quickly and block the cylinder into a beret. To solve this problem is to replace the new cylinder block. Because the cylinder block on the lawn mowing machine can not be done over size.

For the sake of discussion about the causes and how to fix the mowing machine is difficult to turn on. I hope this article can be helpful and helpful.

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