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How To Fix Gx 160 Gasoline Engine Problems

How To Fix Gx 160 Engine Problems

How To Fix Gx 160 Gasoline Engine Problems – The Gx 160 engine is a gasoline drive engine that has a power of 5.5 hp. As a gasoline drive engine that is often used to move various machine tools, it is not impossible if this engine at some time encountered problems. Therefore, on this occasion will discuss about how to fix the problem that occurs on the Gx 160 machine.

Before fixing the problem that occurs on the Gx 160 engine, of course we have to look for the cause. The cause of the problem that occurs on this machine is usually caused by damaged parts. Thus, it is important that we know the parts first before carrying out demolition in an effort to repair the machine.

In repairing the GX 160 engine, it’s actually not as difficult as we imagined. Because, basically every gasoline engine has the same way of working. It’s just that the construction of each component is different. And here are some common problems with Gx 160 engines and how to fix them.

How To Fix Gx 160 Gasoline Engine Problems

1. Unstable Machine

Unstable Gx 160 engines are usually characterized by irregular noise when the engine is turned on. This is usually caused by an uneven flow of fuel.

Therefore, if you experience such a problem, check the availability of fuel in the gas tank. Because the fuel is running low it can cause the flow of gasoline to the carburetor to become uneven.

In addition to the lack of fuel capacity, the unstable Gx 160 engine can also be caused by dirty carburetor conditions. So, if refueling to the gas tank does not come to fruition, perform carburetor service so that the fuel supply system to the fuel chamber is smooth.

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2. Cannot Idle

Gx 160 engines whose cannot idle are usually caused governor lever springs that cannot return to their original position. This usually happens because the govervor lever spring is stuck or broken. So that the engine continues to turn fast and can not be minimized.

However, it can also be caused by an error in the setup of the governor system. The adjustment error may result in the gas not being minimized or the engine not being able to start at all.

To adjust the Gx 160 governor by steering the governor lever handle to the maximum position. Then loosen the governor’s locking bolt. After that, rotate the governor shaft to the right. Then tighten the governor lock bolt again.

3. Missing Ignition System

The ignition system is an important factor in a gasoline engine. To find out whether or not the ignition system is good, we can see it directly from the spark plug flame. If the spark plugs are not maximized, try to replace the new spark plugs.

If it still does not come to fruition, check the mass cable attached to the CDI. If the cable is attached to the engine body, the spark plugs will not turn on. If the neutral cable is still in good condition, then the last step is to replace the CDI.

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4. Lost Compression

Loss of compression on Gx 160 engines can be caused by several factors, including broken packing head, leaking valve, boring and broken piston ring. Well, to overcome the loss of compression, do one by one check of the components.

If we find one of the damaged parts, we can replace the damaged part with a new one. However, do it right, replacing it with the wrong size can add another problem that may be larger.

5. White Smoke Exit

Another problem is that the engine comes out white smoke when turned on. The cause of this problem is engine oil rising into the combustion chamber. This is usually caused by a piston ring that has been damaged. To fix this, replace the damaged piston ring with a new one.

This problem can also be caused by piston rings that cannot inflate. If the cause of the problem is like this, the way to solve it is to clean the piston ring grooves contained in the piston. There is usually a crust in the piston ring groove that causes the piston ring not to expand.

This is how to fix problems with the Gx 160 gasoline engine. Hopefully useful.

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