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GX160 Gasoline Engine Parts And Functions

GX160 Gasoline Engine Parts

GX160 Gasoline Engine Parts And Functions – GX 160 gasoline engine is a engine that has power of 5.5 HP (Horse Power). This GX160 engine uses a 4-step working system, using carburetor as a fuel pump and spark plugs as its ignition. The ignition itself is produced by the friction between the magnetic field and CDI.

This GX160 engine uses gasoline fuel. This type of engine is widely used as a driving engine such as generator set machine, water pump machine, compressor machine, boat machine, agricultural tools machine, project tools machine, production machinery, and still much more.

Engine type GX160 is also a lot of brand. And every brand of this GX160 engine also has a variety of different colors, shapes, and prices. This GX160 engine has important parts that are related to each other. The following are the gx160 gasoline engine parts and their respective functions.

GX160 Gasoline Engine Parts And Functions

1. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank has a cover that is equipped with a synthetic rubber that is aimed at a live machine, the fuel is not overflowing. And in the refueling hole there is a sieve that serves to filter out dirt when charging is done.

2. Carburetor

The carburetor serves as a fuel-delivery system which is then transmitted to the head cylinder for combustion processes. In the carburetor there are small gaps that serve to regulate the air and fuel so that the Pengkabutan.

3. Muffler

The muffler itself is clear in its function, namely as a drain from the rest of the combustion. And the rest of the combustion is smoke. Through the muffler this is the smoke will be sent out.

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4. Air Cleaner

Air cleaner on GX160 engine is usually made of plastic material. In it there is a foam that serves as an air filter. Because if the air that enters the carburetor is mixed with dirt, it will result in the small gaps involved in the carburetor.

5. Recoil Starter

The recoil starter or crank pull is a part that serves to perform an initial spin on a machine. The parts of this starter recoil are just a rope, a trigger, and a pear.

6. Throtle Gas Lever

It is a part that serves to set the fast or slow rotation of the machine. In this section there is a nut to regulate the hard or absence of movement from the lever itself.

7. Switch Button

A switch is a part that serves as a connector or circuit breaker located in the mass cable. The brief explanation is when the switch is on, then the mass cable will be detached from the machine body so that the machine can live when turned on.

8. Crank Shaft

The main Crank shaft/shaft is the main part that functions to move all the parts inside a machine. Crank shaft is made of hard iron that aims not to wear easily when exposed to friction with other parts.

9. Cam Shaft

The shape is smaller than the crank shaft and has a knop on its body which functions to regulate the movement of the valve. On cam shafts There are gears that serve as a liaison with the crank shaft.

10. Governor Assy

Is a gear that serves to set fast or slow rotation of the machine. At the end of the shaft governor there is a slide governor shaped like an elongated hat.

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11. Tappet

The Tappet is a part that functions as a cam shaft liaison with rocker arm. And the connecting is usually two iron sticks called Push road.

12. Valve

Valve is a part that has an umbrella-like shape that has a tyc on the side of the statue. For machines that have a single cylinder head such as GX 160 machine has two valve, namely the internal valve and the external valve. The function of both the valve itself is to open and close the combustion chamber.

13. Piston

The Piston is shaped like a tube that serves to make compression or pressure on the combustion chamber. The way it works is to move backwards or up and down depending on the position of the head cylinder.

14. Piston Rings

The piston Ring is the part that is attached to a bracelet-like shaped piston. On the GX 160 machine There are three piston rings that have different functions between each other.

15. Conecting Road

Conecting Road or which we often hear a handlebar sekher is the connecting stem between the piston with the crank shaft. Stang Sekher on GX160 machine has two locking bolts on the back.

That’s the GX160 gasoline engine parts and functions. Hopefully can be used as a useful insight.

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