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How to Fix of Electric Water Pump Problems

How to Fix Electric Water Pump Problems

How to Fix Electric of Water Pump Problems – electric water pump is a pumping machine that uses electrical energy. With a water pump, the water supply at home will become easier. However, sometimes it has problems that need to be fixed immediately. That will be discussed how to fix of electric water pump problems.

In its use, indeed the water pump makes several problems occur. Generally caused by prolonged use. So that the performance of the water pump has decreased. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to fix problems with the water pump.

Well, for those who are experiencing problems with the water pump, don’t immediately buy a new water pump. Because who knows that the problem can still be fixed. Here are some of the problems that often occur with water pumps and how to fix them.

How to Fix Electric Water Pump Problems

1. Water Does Not Come Out

This one problem often occurs in water pumps that have been used for a long time. This problem can be caused by several factors. Among them are mechanical seals damaged, broken impellers, or suction pipelines leaking.

To fix problems like this, we have to examine one by one the causes as mentioned above. To check the mechanical seal and impeller, we must open the water pump tube. If the mechanical seal or impeller is damaged, then replace it with a new one.

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If both components are still good, check the suction pipeline. Because if there is a leak in the suction pipe, the water will not rise to the water popa. Well, if you find a leak in the suction pipe, immediately fix it by patching it on the leaking part or replacing a new suction pipe.

2. Water Pump Does Not Stop

The problem of a water pump that cannot stop even though it is not in use will only occur in electric water pumps that have an automatic pressure switch. This problem is generally caused by an automatic pressure switch that has been damaged.

If you experience this kind of problem, please set the pressure control bolts on the automatic pressure switch again. If resetting it does not work, then replace the new water pump automatic pressure switch.

3. Self-On-Turn-Off Water Pump

Water pumps that turn off on their own are generally caused by leaks in the outlets. The leak usually occurs in pipe connections or in valves that cannot close tightly.

To solve this problem, check each connection of the outlet pipe and valve. If there are water droplets in the pipe connection, fix it by reconnecting the pipeline. However, if you find a valve problem, then replace the valve with a new one.

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Thus the discussion about some problems and how to fix electric water pump problems. Hope it is useful.

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