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Causes Of Compression Diesel Engine Missing

Causes Of Compression Diesel Engine Missing

Causes Of Compression Diesel Engine Missing – One of the causes of diesel engines difficulty starting is engine compression is missing. This article will discuss what are the causes of compression diesel engine missing.

There are several possibilities that cause compression of diesel engines to disappear. Among them are boring and piston ring has worn out. If one or both components wear out, compression will automatically decrease and disappear.

In addition to being caused by piston rings and boring, there are several other causes that can affect the missing of compression in diesel engine. Among them are as will be explained below.

Causes Of Compression Diesel Engine Missing

1. Packing Head Damaged

Packing head is the limiting part between cylinder head and machine body. If the gasket head is damaged, it will be a gap in the compression discharge in the combustion chamber.

To overcome the loss of compression caused by broken packing head is to replace the new packing head. In replacing the packing head, make sure it matches the type of diesel engine.

2. Choke Not Return

Many may not realize when turning on the diesel engine and have removed the crank, but the choke lever does not return to the way it was. Thus causing the valve to continue to be depressed and resulting in the compression of the machine disappear without pressure.

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The cause of choke that does not return is usually due to broken spring. Therefore, if you experience a problem like this, perikasalah spring choke. If you find a broken spring or loose, fix it immediately so that the choke can return to its original position immediately after pressing.

3. Dirty Valve

Dirt that enters through the intake is also common in diesel engines. The dirt is usually an air filter that is damaged and sucked by the intake, then crammed the valve. The valve is certainly not closing perfectly, as a result of which compression is missing.

To solve a problem like this, we have to remove the cylinder head to pick up the debris that is crammed into the valve. If dirt does not stick to the valve and sitting valve, then we can immediately reattach it. However, if the marks are deep enough, we must do a skir valve before reattaching them.

4. Broken Injector Ring

Injector ring is a copper ring that serves as a seal between cylinder head and injector house. If the injector ring is damaged, then the injector house cannot stick perfectly to the cylinder head. As a result there is a compression leak in the hole of the injector house.

To solve this problem we recommend replacing the injector ring with a new one. However, if it is difficult to get it, we can handle it by wrapping the end of the injector house with a sealtape.

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Such is the explanation of the cause of compression diesel engine is missing and how to fix it. Hopefully useful.

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