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Diesel Engines Maintenance Tips

Diesel Engines Maintenance Tips

Diesel Engines Maintenance Tips – Maintenance on diesel engines is something that must be done regularly so that engine performance remains optimal. One of them is by cleaning the machine after use. In this article, we will discuss about maintenance tips on diesel engines.

As an engine that is often used to drive heavy equipment, of course, the power of diesel engines will be reduced. Especially if it is used frequently, surely the machine can experience unexpected damage.

Therefore, maintenance on diesel engines is very important. This is to prevent damage and maintain engine performance. Here are some tips that need to be done in diesel engines maintenance.

Diesel Engines Maintenance Tips

1. Check Lubricating Oil Regularly

Lubricating oil is an important part of the engine that must be checked regularly. If the condition of the lubricating oil is reduced, the engine will heat up quickly and there will be high friction in each component.

To check the lubricating oil on the diesel engine, the method is very easy. That is by opening the oil cap or controller lever and looking at the oil level limit. Make sure that when the lubricating oil is checked, the engine is turned off.

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If the lubricating oil level is below the upper level line, immediately refill it to the top level limit. However, if the lubricating oil looks pitch black and viscous, then you should do a lubricating oil change.

2. Check the Condition of the Air Filter

In diesel engines, the air filter line is around the cylinder head. To check whether the condition of the air filter is still good or not, take the air filter that is in the air filter room.
The air filter, which is in a damaged condition, can enter the intake ducts and hold the valve.

As a result, the engine compression is lost and the engine cannot be started. Therefore, if the condition of the air filter is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.

3. Check the Fuel Filter

Although the fuel filter is rarely damaged, it never hurts to check it regularly. Due to prolonged use can result in a damaged fuel filter.

If the fuel filter is damaged, then the fuel entered in the reservoir is not filtered properly. As a result, the fuel can mix with impurities which can cause the fuel flow to stop. Well, if the fuel filter has been damaged, immediately to replace it with a new one.

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4. Don’t Refuel Late

Diesel engine fuel has less good permeation when compared to gasoline. If it is late in refueling the diesel engine, it will cause air bubbles that hinder the flow of fuel. Therefore, do not be late in refueling the diesel engine.

5. Check Radiator

Radiator is a cooling tank in a diesel engine. Regularly check the cooling water on the component and make sure there is no leakage. If it leaks, the cooling water will come out and over time it will run out. This results in the engine overheating quickly.

To fix leaks in the radiator, carefully observe in which part the leak occurred. If it’s just a problem with rubber packing, replace it with a new one. However, if a leak occurs in the capillary pipes, we must close them with a welding machine.

Thus the discussion about diesel engines maintenance tips. Hopefully, it will add useful insights.

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