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How to Repair the Diesel Engine Hard to Live

How to Repair Diesel Engine Hard to Live

How to Repair the Diesel Engine Hard to Live -In solving the problem of diesel engines, it requires thoroughness in finding the cause. Especially if the machine is life, of course we have to check one by one the possible part to be the cause. By finding the point of the problem, we will definitely be able to handle it. As will be discussed on this occasion about how to overcome the hard-life diesel engine.

There are several brands of diesel engines that are popular in the community. Among them are Yanmar diesel engine and Kubota diesel engine. Both of these diesel engines do have good quality and are able to produce optimum power. However, use in the long run, usually the machine is experiencing problems, including the machine is hard to turn on.

Actually, the cause of the diesel engine is hard to live because of lack of maintenance and checking the parts that do have age restriction. So, if it is left unjust, it can make serious damage and result in some components not functioning maximally impactful performance degradation. And if the damage has been severe, then the machine can not live at all.

For that, routine maintenance on diesel engines needs to be done to avoid the emergence of hard-to-life machines. However, if the machine has already been damaged, then to overcome it should be done examination and further checking. For that reason, the following are some of the causes that the diesel engine has already lived and how to overcome it.

Causes and How to Repair the Diesel Engine Hard to Live

1. Lost machine compression

The first cause of a hard-living diesel engine is loss of compression. To check the compression of diesel engines, it can be done by the diesel engine to crank slowly and press the choke. If the choke is removed and the pressure is back, the engine compression mark is still good. However, if you do not find any pressure at all, compression leaks.

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Leaks that cause the compression of diesel engines, can be influenced by several factors. And the factors include:

a. Piston Ring is Broken

The piston ring function has a good effect on the compression pressure. If the piston ring is worn, it can lower the compression pressure resulting in the machine being hard.

The symptoms of a worn piston ring can be seen from a diesel engine of white smoke finished when turned on. Therefore, if the piston ring is experiencing problems such as wear or tear, do a replacement on the piston ring with a new one.

b. Boring Damaged

Boring is a engine burning place. These boring walls are directly friction with the piston ring. So, within a certain period of time will surely wear out due to friction.

If boring has worn out (damaged), of course it will result in a loose piston ring gap. Resulting in compression pressure will decrease. Therefore, if boring is worn, then replace the boring with a new one.

c. Valve and Sitting Valve is Broken

If you find a problem with a valve, such as a twisted valve, a broken valve, or a sitting valve, it should replace the valve with a new one. Because of damage to this valve will result in the valve can not close the meeting. So there will be leakage in the compression chamber. After making replacement on the valve components, do the removal process, so that the valve and sitting can close perfectly.

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2. Weak Fuel Pressure

The cause of the second hard life diesel engine is decreasing solar pressure. It can be characterized by the loss of the sound of solar radiation when the diesel engine is crank. A good sound of solar pressure will sound loud and clear at the time the diesel engine is being crank.

If you find weak or lost solar pressure, the need to check is Bosch pump and nozzle. Both components are the ones that work together to produce the good and the presence of solar pressure.

3. Packing Head is Broken

The Packing head is a limiting portion between the compression chamber and the head cylinder. Diesel engines that have long been not dismantled or diservise, the packing head will undergo depreciation (damaged) resulting in compression of the machine leaking when the diesel engine is hot. Resulting in a diesel engine is hard to turn on.

To handle damaged packing head by replacing the new packing head. The way is to remove the cylinder head diesel engine. After the long packing time is cleaned, install the new packing head in the correct position.

That’s a review of causes and ways to how to repair the diesel engine hard to live. Hopefully useful.

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