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Hand Drill Machine Repair Service

Hand Drill Machine Repair Service

Hand Drill Machine Repair Service – In performing hand drill machine service, the first thing to know is the cause of the problem. Because of the damage that occurs to this drilling machine many types. Such as the engine suddenly dies or other problems such as the engine spin becomes slow which results in the work being long resolved.

When the drill machine has problems, of course it must be serviced so that the machine can return to normal. At the time of service, we have to check all the components in the drill machine to be able to find the cause and make repairs.

Hand drill machine service can be said to be easy difficult. Because it takes thoroughness to determine the point of the problem and find a solution to solve it. Therefore, to make the service process easier, the following will explain some things to note in performing service on hand drill machines.

Hand Drill Machine Repair Service

To perform service to the hand drill machine, check the damaged parts. Such as analyzing the condition of electrical flow components by using multitesters to make it easier to determine which parts are no longer functioning. The trick is to attach both multitesteter cables to each cable line alternately. And here are some causes that are often the point of problems in hand drill machines.

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1. The Drill Machine Of Dead

Check the entire connecting cable line between each other. If something comes loose or breaks, reconnect it immediately. Check the drill machine switch, if it is not working or is not connected when pressed, then replace it with a new one.

Checking the carbon brush, if the condition is thin or exhausted, do a replacement on the carbon brush. Check the coil part between the armature and stator, if something breaks or burns, then replace it between one of the damaged parts.

2. Slow Engine Rotation

Check the armature and stator parts, if any of the coil coils break or burn, it will result in slow engine rotation or even die. The way to overcome this is to replace the armature or stator that is no longer working.

Check the bearing conditions on each part of the rotor and shaft of the drill head. If the condition is already stuck, it is recommended to make a replacement on the bearing. Because the damaged bearings will cause the engine rotation to slow down and the engine power to decrease.

3. Noisy Machine Sound

Check the condition of the bearings in each place. if the bearing has been loose and compote, it will cause a noise when the drill machine is used. Therefore, if there are bearings that are not normal, immediately to make replacements on those bearings.

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Check the condition of the gear on the drill head ace, if the condition is wear out it will result in abnormal sound and engine power becomes weak. If the gear condition is out, replace it with a new one.

4. Machines Sometimes Turn On Sometimes Die

Check the power cord on the drill machine, the cable that broke or burned will cause the machine to sometimes turn on and sometimes die on its own. Therefore, if you find a burning cable, it is best to make a replacement on the cable.

Check the condition of the switch, a switch that is not working properly can cause the power to be sometimes connected and sometimes disconnected. If you find a switch that is no longer normal, replace it with a new one.

Thus the discussion about hand drill machine repair service. By knowing the cause of the problem, it will be easier to make repairs to the hand drill machine. Hopefully useful.

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