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Kubota Diesel Engine Repair Service

Kubota Diesel Engine Repair Service

Kubota Diesel Engine Repair Service -Maintenance on Kubota diesel engines is very important and must be done periodically. So that the diesel engine is more long-lived and avoid problems of damage that may occur.

In conducting service on Kubota Diesel engines, there is a need to uninstall certain parts for checking. Because, by directly viewing the components of the Kubota diesel engine, we can find out which parts need maintenance and which should be repaired or replaced.

However, we also have to be thorough in analyzing each component of the Kubota diesel engine. To avoid an error in performing plug-ins on the machine. And the following are the steps that can be applied in servicing and maintenance to Kubota diesel engines.

How to Service a Kubota Diesel Engine

The way of servicing and unloading on Kubota diesel engines is generally the same as other diesel engines. What is important we have understood the function and the way it works on every component of diesel engine. And to do the machine checking, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Check the fuel flow from the diesel tank to the Bosch pump (fuel pump). To do it, we can open the joint pipe bolt located on the Bosch pump. Make sure the fuel flows smoothly before the emnutue is back.
  • Check the condition of Bosch pump. To check the Bosch pump, the way is to remove the solar pipe and crank the machine a few times. If the Bosch pump still radiates fuel, then the mark is still good. However, if it does not come out the solar at all, the hunk and fix the Bosch pump.
  • Inspect the nozzle by removing the nozzle home from the place and placing it outside the machine. Then crank the machine a few times to see the nozzle beam. If the spray still produces strong radiance, then the nozzle is still good. However, if the spray is weak and there is a drop of fuel, replace the nozzle with a new one.
  • Check compression of machines. The trick is to crank the machine a few times and release the lever choke. If there is pressure, the engine compression mark is still good. However, if detachable lever chokenya and the engine continues to spin, then the compression has been leaked.
  • Attach the head cylinder and clean the crust attached to the head cylinder and the piston tip. Check also the valve and sitting the valve is still good or already worn. If it is worn too deep, replace the sitting valve and do the removal so that the valve does not leak.
  • Inspect the piston ring by removing the piston ring and entering it into the block cylinder. If the distance is too close, we recommend replacing it with a new piston ring for maximum compression of the machine.
  • Check the oil pump by removing the oil circulation pipe and crank the machine a few moments. If the oil goes out of circulation pipe, then the oil pump mark is still good.
  • Then plug the Headcylinder again by replacing the new packing head. Because, usually at the time of dismantling, packing head torn (damaged).
  • Check the distance of the valve. Make sure to use the fuller gauge to measure the scale of the valve to make the machine’s performance more perfect.
  • Check the airways and the exhaust channels. Because, if both channels are blocked, the diesel engine will be difficult to live or power becomes less. The case also filters the air, if it has been torn, preferably replace the new so that the air that is enter to the compression room is really clean.
  • Check the availability of cooling water on the radiator. If it has diminished, fill it back to full. Because, if the cooling water is reduced or depleted, it will cause the machine to quick match and hang.
  • Check the engine oil by opening the oil indicator lever or oil cap. If the oil is black and thick, it is best to do the engine oil.
  • After all checking the results is good no problem, then try to turn on the Kubota diesel engine. When the diesel engine is successfully switched on, check if there is any oil leakage flowing on the packing gasket and oil seal. If you find the oil seepage, immediately change the packing or seal of the bottle.
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Such is the discussion about Kubota diesel engine repair service. If you are going to disassemble, always wear personal protective equipment to avoid work accidents. Hopefully useful.

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