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How To Turn On Diesel Engine

How To Turn On Diesel Engine

How To Turn On Diesel Engine – At this time it will provide information on how to turn on the diesel engine. For beginners who will try to turn on this drive engine, it is necessary to be careful, so as not to go wrong which results in the engine not turning on or turning upside down.

The discussion that will be reviewed this time is a guide to turning on diesel engines for all brands. Like kubota, yanmar, dongfeng, and others diesel engines. Because, basically, the way to turn it on is the same. What sets it apart is that the greater the capacity of the engine, the greater the power that needs to be expended to rotate the engine.

Before turning on, make sure the engine is refueled and cooling water. Also, check the availability of engine oil capacity, whether it is sufficient or not. That is very important, because if the engine oil capacity is lacking, it will cause the engine to quickly heat up and malfunction.

How To Turn On Diesel Engine

To turn on the diesel engine, there are several steps to take. And here are the steps to turn on the diesel engine:

  • Slide the gas lever to the on position or position it in the middle of the speed limit
  • Hold the player bar firmly with your right hand. Then insert the player rod into the crankshaft properly, so as not to miss when turning the machine
  • Press the choke in full using the left hand. The diesel engine choke is located on the side side with air and exhaust filters
  • Then turn the crank rod to the right (clockwise) slowly to make sure the fuel has flowed into the combustion chamber
  • Once the pressure of the material is heard, increase the round speed of the crank rod gradually. When reaching the fastest lap, remove the choke simultaneously by removing the player bar
  • Once the diesel engine is successfully on, adjust the engine’s lap speed as needed by shifting the gas lever. If the machine has not successfully turned on, repeat until the machine can be turned on
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The important thing to note when turning on the diesel engine is when turning on the choke lever and the player rod should be concurrent. Do not remove the choke lever first, as it can result in the hand slipping.

In addition, when removing the choke lever should be precise, is when the fastest lap when turning the machine.

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