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Features Of Broken Diesel Engine Plunger

Features Of Broken Diesel Engine Plunger

Features Of Broken Diesel Engine Plunger – Plunger is the main component of diesel pump (bosh pump) diesel engine. Serves as a fuel suppressor, so the performance should be considered. Because if the plunger wears out or breaks, it will cause the diesel engine to have difficulty living or even not being able to live at all.

Damage to the plunger, can be seen from the nozzle beam that becomes weak. We can tell it from the loss of the sound of solar pressure when the diesel engine is on the crank. Different if the condition of bosh pump is still good, it will sound like crickets when the machine is on the crank.

In addition to the sound of nozzle pressure, the damaged plunger can also be known through other signs. For more details, check out the following discussion on the plunger features of faulty diesel engines and their respective explanations.

Features Of Broken Diesel Engine Plunger

There are several ways that can be used to find out which diesel engine plunger has been damaged. It is very important to know to ascertain whether the problems that arise in diesel engines are caused by decreased plunger performance.

1. Loss of Nozzle Pressure Sound

The first feature of the damaged plunger is the loss of solar pressure sound on the nozzle. If, the diesel engine is on the crank as when it will turn on the engine, it should sound the pressure of the diesel will sound loud. But if the plunger is worn out, it will not be heard in the ear.

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2. Decreased Diesel Engine Performance

A faulty plunger also results in decreased engine performance. This is due to the weak solar pressure that enters the burn chamber. So the engine can not perform the combustion perfectly. As a result the engine became less powerful.

3. Hard ToTurn On

Further signs of the condition of the plunger that has been damaged are that the machine is difficult to turn on. The plunger function decreases, resulting in the solar not being pumped to the maximum. Thus, the solar pressure coming out of the bosh pump is not able to suppress the spring nozzle to be foggy.

4. Thick Smoke Out

Another feature of the broken diesel engine plunger is the thick smoke coming out of the exhaust when the gas lever is pumped into the high rpm. This is due to the slow solar pressure coming out of the nozzle due to the plunger’s lack of performance.

To be sure, it is best to remove the bosh pump immediately and remove the plunger to ensure the damage. A damaged plunger will usually appear worn out on the plunger bar. Because the above problems can also be caused by nozzle damage.

In addition to looking directly, we can also check it by closing the solar channel hole in the plunger with two fingers. Then pull the plunger rod outwards, if both fingers feel sucked and the plunger rod returns when released, then the sign of plunger compression is still good. But if the plunger rod does not return, then it means the plunger has been damaged.

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Such is the discussion about the plunger features of broken diesel engine plunger. May this article be useful.

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