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Lawn Mower Parts Name And Functions

Lawn Mower Parts Name

Lawn Mower Parts Name And Their Functions – Although many people often use lawn mowers, but it turns out that many do not understand the parts of the lawn mower. Most of them are only able to operate, without knowing what are the functions of the mower parts.

Lawn mowers have parts that have different functions. But these parts have a connection between each other. To find out the parts of the lawn mower, please refer to the following discussion.

Lawn Mower Parts Name And Functions

1. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is the part that serves as a fuel container. This fuel tank is located above the lawn mower. However there are also those located below. Usually located below is a type of 4-stroke lawn mower.

2. Carburetor

A carburetor is the part that serves to supply fuel to the combustion chamber. In lawn mowers there are two types of carburetor used, namely standard carburetor and semi-injection carburetor. Semi-injected carburetor has a characteristic fuel pump in the carburetor.

3. Air cleaner

Air cleaner is a lawn mower that serves to filter the air from the outside before entering the combustion chamber. This air filter is located in the carburetor section. Air cleaner is a component in the form of filter foam that is easy to clean.

4. Recoil Starter

Recoil starter is the part that serves to start the engine. Therefore, the starter recoil has a very important role in turning the initial spin on the lawn mower.

5. Clutch

Clutch is the part that serves as a clutch. The clutch work system is to expand when the engine spins faster. So that the development of the campas will continue the spin from the engine to the lawnmower propeller.

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6. Ignition System

The ignition system of the lawn mower consists of CDI and spark plugs. CDI is a part that diffuses as electrical energy which is then passed on to the spark plugs. The electric energy that occurs is the result of cooperation between CDI and fly wheel rotation on lawn mowers.

7. Fly Wheel

Fly wheel is a wheel that acts as a balancing machine as well as the place where magnets are attached. On lawn mowers, the fly wheel has a fan that serves as a coolant. Therefore, fly wheel has a very important role in lawn mowers.

8. Cylinder Block

Cylinder block is a part of a lawn mower that serves as the place of combustion. Inside the cylinder block there is a hole as a place of spark plugs. Cylinder block on lawn mower has a small size, so if the cylinder block of the lawn mower is damaged, it can not be done over size.

9. Piston

The piston consists of a piston ring and a piston rod. These parts are a series that serves as a compression in the machine. It is located inside the cylinder block. The system works, which is a back and forth driven by crank shafts.

10. Crank Shaft

Crank shaft is the main shaft of the lawn mower. Crank shaft is the center of the round of the entire work of the lawn mower part part. In the crank shaft there are two bearings that serve as crank shaft seats.

11. Oil Seal

In the lawn mower there are two oil seals located on the left and right sides of the machine. Oil seal on 4-stoke lawn mower does not serve as a barrier so that engine oil does not come out of the engine room. While the oil seal on the 2-stroke lawn mower does not serve as a compression chamber cover.

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12. Clutch House

Clutch house is a part that serves as a link between the main machine and the handle of the lawn mower. The clutch house will rotate when the engine spins high. If the round is idle, then the clutch house will not rotate. So that on idle turns, the blades of the lawn mower do not rotate.

13. Flexible Shaft

Flexible shaft serves as a round link between the main engine and the lawn mower propeller. With flexible shafts, the grass-turning handle becomes easily deflected in any direction desired.

14. Cropping Handle

The cutting handle is a pedestal handle that is held when using a lawn mower. On this handle there is a handrail that makes it easy to steer the lawn mower blade. In addition, on this handle there is also a rotation control lever and a stoper button.

15. Lawn Mower Blade

Lawn mower blade is a tool that serves as a lawn mower. There are two types of lawn mower blade, namely lawn mower plate and lawn mower disc. Both are equally good when used to mow the lawn.

Such is the discussion of the parts name of the lawn mower and their respective functions. Hopefully useful.

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