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Differences Between Screw and Bolt and Their Types

Difference Screw And Bolt

Differences Between Screw and Bolt – Many are still mistaken in mentioning between screws and bolts. Well, for you one of them who is still confused about which screws and which bolts, please refer to the following discussion about the difference between screw and bolt and their types.

Screw is a metal rod that has a thread on the rod that serves to bind two objects so that they do not come off. While the bolt is a binder of two objects that have a pair in the form of nuts.

Although it has the same function as the fastening of two objects, but actually to distinguish between screws and bolts is very easy. Before distinguishing screws and bolts, we should first recognize the types of screws and bolts.

Types of Screws

Based on the direction of turning, the screw is divided into two, namely the right thread screw and the left thread screw. The right thread screw is used to glue two objects. While the left thread screw is used as a retaining torque. Based on its function, there are several types of screws, including:

1. Wood Screws
A wooden screw is a type of screw used to glue two pieces of wood. So that the two wood are tightly bound by the presence of screws. The use of this wooden screw usually begins with drilling wood that will be installed screws to make it easier to install them.

2. Aluminum Screws
Aluminum screws are often used in the manufacture of storefronts or household appliances that use aluminum materials.

3. Lightweight Steel Screws
This lightweight steel screw is specially used in the installation of light steel frames. By using these light steel screws, the binding between the light steel bones becomes faster and easier.

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4. Stainless Screws
In addition to being a fastener, stainless screws are also used to add to the appearance of glued objects to make them more attractive. Therefore, these screws are also often called artistic screws.

5. Gypsum Screws
Gypsum screws serve to glue gypsum on the place to be attached gypsum. These gypsum screws are usually black and made of iron.

Types of Bolts

The bolt also has a right threaded drat and a left threaded drat. Based on the shape, bolts are divided into several types, including:

1. Fine Threaded Bolt
Fine threaded bolts can be marked from the distance between their threads using mm unit size. These fine threaded bolts are also called ordinary bolts. Because it is often used in everyday life. The color of this type of bolt thread tends to be bright, usually yellow or white.

2. Rough Thread bolts
This rough thread bolt has a size between the threaded distance in the form of inches. Thus, the distance between the threads is farther than the fine threads. The color of these coarse threaded bolts is a bit dark. It is usually used to bind two hard objects, such as iron and steel.

3. Stud Bolt
This type of bolt is a bit unique, because it does not have a bolt head at both ends. That is in the form of a full thread and has a flat part in the middle of the stem. This bolt can be used on motorcycle exhaust.

4. L Bolt
The most important characteristic of L bolts is how to rotate them must use the L key. Because this L bolt is specially designed on the head that is round and there is a hexagon hole as a place for the L key.

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5. Plow Bolt
The uniqueness of this type of bolt is that it has a locking head located on the neck of the head. Neck locks can be placed on objects that have special grooves.

6. Gutter Bolt
Gutter blot is a type of small bolt and has a rectangular locking nut. Gutter blot is usually used to bind two soft objects.

7. Hat Bolts
Named hat bolt because it looks like a hat. It has a ring attached to its head. This hat bolt can be used to glue two objects whose surface is flat.

Difference Between Screw And Bolt

Here are some points of difference between screws and bolts:

  • Screws have a full thread up to the head, while the thread on the bolt does not reach the bolt head.
  • Screw threads have a sharp slope compared to bolts, because they are used to scrape the surface of objects directly. While the bolt thread is smoother because it is used on objects that already have holes.
  • Screws use screwdrivers to rotate them, while bolts use wrenches to rotate them.
  • Screws do not have locking nuts, while bolts have locking nuts.
  • The tip of the screw thread tends to be pointed, because it is used to hollow out the surface of objects, while on the bolts in the form of tape to make it easy to insert into the nut.

Such is the discussion about the difference between screw and bolt and the types of screws and bolts. Good luck.

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