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How To Fix Genset Engine Difficult To Live

How To Fix Genset Difficult To Live

How To Fix Genset Engine Difficult To Live – Generator engine that is rarely used, does not mean regardless of maintenance. Because, the maintenance on each machine should be well taken care of. Do not let when going to use a generator engine that is rarely used, but the generator engine is difficult to turn on.

Long-stored generator sets should be turned on for a while at a certain time. For example once a week for approximately 5 minutes. It is also enough to heat the generator engine so that the generator engine does not experience problems when it will be reused.

However, if the generator engine is left for a long time without being turned on at all, it will make the generator engine difficult to start. Well, if you experience such a problem, please follow these tips on how to fix a hard-to-live generator set engine.

Causes And How To Fix Genset Engine Difficult To Live

1. Dirty Carburetor

Long-time generator sets are not used, subject to fuel precipitation in the carburetor section. The precipitate will cause the carburetor to become and make the machine difficult to live. Therefore, clean the carburetor before turning on the generator engine that has not been used for a long time.

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2. Dead Spark Plugs

If cleaning the engine carburetor cannot be turned on, try replacing the spark plugs with a new one. Because usually the spark plugs on the engine that are rarely turned on will rust. This causes the spark plugs to perform less than their performance and are unable to burn. As a result, the generator set engine will be difficult to start.

3. Clean Dirt On Cylinder Head

Long-stalled circulation of fuel and engine oil will cause the engine combustion chamber to become crusty. The dirt will cause compression of the combustion chamber to be lost. So the generator engine will be difficult to live or even can not live at all.

To solve this problem, disassemble the head cylinder and clean the dirt attached to the combustion chamber. If the dirt is not so thick, simply wash it with gasoline. But if the dirt is thick, then the process of engraving on the valve part of the machine.

Such is the interpretation of how to fix genset engine difficult to live. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful.

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